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success rules- Though every human wants success over a period of time. And tries to achieve it. Some people also achieve it. Most miss it. Success rules meet with success rules (ie internal rules). Rules or principles have to be followed by them. If the person will sincerely follow these internal rules like an alert warrior, then success will surely kiss you.

success rules for success

A person should always keep his promise made in any field, especially in the field of business. ‘Whether the promise is of mutual transaction or of meeting among themselves. Because of this inner rule, your faith in people will increase. Also, you become punctual. Be aware that if a person becomes punctual, then you have achieved half of your success.

And it is the trust of the people that puts the person on the head. At the same time, it becomes our duty. We should never break the trust. Maintain honesty as far as possible. No one resorts to deceit. Believe in any field or subject. It plays an important role in achieving success in every sphere of life. It has been said that “A person who has fallen from time can rise when the time comes, but a man who has fallen due to the destiny can never rise.” “His good time cannot come.”

Always stay positive. Keep doing good deeds. So that not only the other person but his own soul also be happy. Keep in mind that success is achieved by internal rules based on your own self, provided you follow them firmly and honestly.

success rules to make guru or role model for success-

Success rules in any field or in making life successful, there is a huge contribution of Guru or his role model. Most or almost all the great men who were known used to be a Guru or role models. Such as – Honorable great Shivaji, Mahatma Buddha, Mahavir Swami, Swami Vivekananda, even Lord Shri Ram Ji, and Shri Krishna Ji were also gurus. And all these great souls followed the advice of their guru or role model. And they made a huge contribution to the welfare of the world or the world.

Therefore, according to the advice of your guru, according to the internal rules for success, improve your good habits. Because these good habits play a big role in achieving success. Also, keep your competition with yourself. That is, what you achieve today. Have done, break today’s record by achieving more than yesterday. Likewise, achieve tomorrow, break the record of tomorrow by achieving more than the next day ie, thus increasing your quality in every field continuously. Regardless of knowing the technology of the subject About or whether there are nuances or punctuality of business Increase your capacity in the field. And continuously try for 1 percent growth, turn it into a good or positive result. You will definitely get success.

Be in successful people –

There are 6 pleasures mentioned in life, in which the 5th happiness is “Swachanda Vaasa” i.e. the neighborhood is good. This is considered Because our personality has a lot of influence on the neighborhood living society. If we live with successful people, we will always be filled with success and positive thoughts. And we will solve every problem easily. The company of successful people teaches us a lot. Even if we fail in any case, we should not feel panic or erosion. Rather, we should find and correct where we have missed or made a mistake. Or do not make such a mistake again. It should (in error) and improve itself. We get to learn all this from people who follow great people or success rules. Therefore, such people or their biography should be read.

Success rules- this makes habits great

  • “Do righteousness in the river” means do good to someone and forget. It has been said that always do good with good. But don’t be bad with bad. Similarly, give more than what you take.
  • Humans as well as nature. Because to give nature means we should adopt some internal rules for the beauty of nature or for the benefit. In this our interest or human life interest is hidden. Like – planting trees or saving trees.
  • In our lifetime, we do not know how much wood, fruits, etc. we get from trees. And use or consume them till the last time. So it becomes our duty to plant as many trees as possible. And not only to plant trees but also to preserve and protect them. Similarly,
  • we should stay away from negativity. A negative thought not only causes great harm to others but also to oneself. Because a bad fruit spoils the entire fruit basket or box. Therefore, abandon negative people or negative thoughts and adopt positivity. And be happy yourself and provide your support to keep others happy too. And achieve success or follow success rules.
  • Always choose positive thoughts like light instead of dark or dark negative thoughts. And positive humans too.
  • Be aware of always follow success rules like an alert warrior. Only then does success come from internal rules.

In short, success rules can follow the internal rules of success as follows.

  1. Find a Guru or role model and according to their advice best habit adopts.
  2. 1% every day or continuously increase your best habits or quality or capacity.
  3. Check your net worth in a year or 90 days. And make positive efforts for growth.
  4. Know your failure and rectify your imperfections and follow your internal rules sincerely for success. Improve yourself
  5. To become great, be in success (people). And read the biography of successful people. Renounce superstition.
  6. Give more than what you take. To humans as well as nature.
  7. Renounce negativity as bad fruit. Renounce negative thoughts as well as negative ones.
  8. Choose a light in the dark.
  9. Alerts live like warriors for integrity, clarity, and internal rules.
  10. Ultimately success is achieved by adopting success rules and internal rules and principles faithfully

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Seeing Shri Ram-Laxman, love of Janakji

Seeing Shri Ram-Laxman, love of Janakji

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