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Friends may be more or not friendship friendship should be excellent.

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Explaining friendship is not that easy. But it is not impossible either. Friends are not something to be taught in school itself. But even if you have not learned the meaning of friendship or friendship in your life, then you have not learned anything in life. You do not necessarily have to make more friends, but those who are they should be excellent. And this is possible only when you know yourself the meaning of friendship. For this, it is not a necessary rule that you will be such a wonderful friend only then you will get such friends. But still there is a possibility. And someone else’s Talaas (Talaas of great friend) is definitely fulfilled.

Although friendship has a saying of no thanks and no sorry, “Make some friends that may not be comfortable to live with, but must force you to uplift”. They, and you can call such a friendship a wonderful friendship. In today’s time, the number of Facebook They have increased considerably. Which is also fair overall. Even then I would say that “Friends may or may not be great, but They who are should be excellent” and for this first of all one should be good friends.

How appropriate I believe this is for the reader. But I would say that you should play friendship in such a way that if you believe or do not consider a special friend, but whose name is included in your friends list, it must become a special person for other people. That is why we or you have understood the true meaning of friendship. And justification to understand the meaning of friendship in the true sense is only if you do not make more friends, but do not change the Those you make. Someone has said, ‘Do not increase or increase friends, but do not change Those.

Anyway, this is the best way to judge a quality choice person, how many percent of his old They are still friends. And how many friends are there? That is, the way to know the identity or quality of a person is also They. Friendship or friendship is the pure love of the world, which opens all the knots of the problem of a human being, provided that friendship should be truly meaningful.

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