What is likee app? How to use it complete information

Likee App Introduction-

likee app is a free original short video maker and sharing platform worldwide with excellent live streams. Likee brings short videos, video effects and live streams into one easy-to-use application. With the powerful personalized feed and video effects, you can easily find viral videos, capture flawless videos, watch and go live stream. It’s time to express yourself, show your talents in live broadcasts, explore and connect with the content you love on Likee.

We have over 100 million users all around the world. More and more people choose Likee for fun, self-expression and friends making. Download and join Likee to discover a bigger world!

Why Likee?

A Popular Special Effects Short Video Maker and Editor
Various video effects, face filters and editing tools on Likee to help you make cool videos with little effort.

– SuperMix: enhance videos with cool special effects like Face Morph, Astral Travel, Face Cut and MV and more! A photo is all you need to make professional and fantastic videos.
– Stickers & Music Magic: Customize your videos with various funny stickers, greetings, quotes, colorful hairs and cute emoji.
– Beauty Camera &Video Filter: Change video backgrounds with video filters. Unlock bunch of video effects like sketch, glitch, vintage, montage and much more! Try different makeups styles in seconds with beauty camera!

A Global Live Stream and Friends Making Community

Millions of talented bloggers, vloggers and video creators like you have already joined Likee! Follow the creators you like, let’s chat and make friends. In Likee, you can say hello to strangers by voice chat and video chat. Likee can be a chatting app.

• Go Live, Receive Gifts and Gain Fans
Go Live on Likee to express yourself to the world. Live stream your life and engage with your audience. Show your talents, boost your fan base and receive gifts. You might just be Likee’s next Internet Sensation!

• Watch Live Stream Anytime and Anywhere
Discover countless talented hosts from around the world. Watch Live streams, chat with hosts, and support your favorite hosts by sending gifts. Special features such as LIVE PK, fan club and tournament of Likee Live await you!

Viral Videos and Creative Contents all around the World

Choose from a great variety of videos, including music, dance, makeup, drawing, DIY, news, movies and everything in between! Powered by the personalized feed based on what you watch, like and share, Likee will offer more of those you like and less of those you don’t. Those videos are like the snacks of daily life. You can also select hot songs for your videos, such as tik tik, tik tak, tiki tiki.
On Likee, you can quickly grow your knowledge, get life hacks, laugh with other Likers and keep up with the trend!
All Likers are real, creative and full of passion just like you. Every day, millions of Likee users, including many world celebrities, Internet stars from YouTube, TikTok and instagram, spend their live broadcasts here, publish videos with music and play games such as pubg, ff,ml and so on .
All Likers are real, creative and full of passion just like you.

At the point when you watch the video on youtube, you probably observed the advertisements of Likee application. Or on the other hand, you more likely than not seen the ad of This application on the internet. At that point, the inquiry will come in your brain that what is this likee application? How is it utilized? Also, why use it? In the event that you have such inquiries in your psyche, or you need to go. What is that likee application? What’s more, how to utilize it? So read this post totally. It has a nitty-gritty portrayal of This App as follows –

What is like app?

Tell us first that the likee app application is a short video making an application. Or on the other hand, you can likewise consider it an enchantment application. Since with the assistance of this application you can make stunning enchantment recordings. This most loved application of numerous Bollywood on-screen characters is Shahid Kapoor, Disha patani, Sonakshi Sinha, Arjun Kapoor, and so on.

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There are numerous such highlights in the likee app application, which make this application fun. With this application, you can make an enchantment video just as exchanges, tunes, video, acting, 3d movement, and numerous recordings of Bollywood on-screen characters. Additionally, alongside transferring recordings on the Likee application, you can likewise share via web-based networking media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and so forth.

Step by step instructions to make a record on likee app

Making a record on the likee app is simple. To introduce it, you need to go to the google play store. Where you will see that This application has been downloaded by 10 million individuals. Which is given a 4.6-star rating. This implies individuals have enjoyed this likee application a ton.

In the wake of introducing this application, when you open it, it instructs you to pick the language. After this, you get numerous choices to make a record on the Likee application. It is possible that you can just make your record by entering your portable number. Or on the other hand, you can interface with your record of Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, and so on with This application. Along these lines, you can undoubtedly make your record on the Likee application.

How to use likee app step by step

Likee application is anything but difficult to utilize. How might you make your enchantment video in this application? I will tell it bit by bit. So you don’t confront any issue in utilizing This application. So how about we feel free to realize how to utilize This application.

At the point when you make your Likee account, another screen opens. In this, you see a few alternatives at the top. like-

– Your profile symbol

– Follow

– Popular

– Nearby

– Latest

– Global

– Notification chime

Your Profile icon

In the wake of making a record in This application, you put your profile picture. You see its little symbol here. Subsequent to tapping on it, you can set your profile.


In the wake of tapping the follow button, you see that video. That you put Also you see the video which has been suggested.


The video you see subsequent to clicking here. They are mainstream recordings. Which means, you can watch mainstream recordings from here.

Close by

This is a decent component. Subsequent to tapping on it, the Likee application tells those individuals. Who is close to you. And furthermore tells their separation.

Most recent

Here you get the opportunity to see the most recent video. In the event that you need to watch the most recent video, you can watch it by tapping the well-known catch.


On the off chance that you need to watch recordings of different nations, for that you need to tap on the Worldwide catch.

Warning ringer

In the last, you get a warning ringer when somebody prefers and remarks on your video. So he becomes acquainted with you through the warning chime.

How to make recordings on the likee app

To make a video on the Likee application, as a matter of first importance, you need to tap on the video symbol. Also, from that point onward, you will see some more alternatives. like-

– Select music

– Shoot first

– From Collection

– 4D enchantment

– Face stickers

– Music enchantment

– Exchange acting

Select music

In the event that you request to make a video on a tune, at that point you need to pick the select music alternative.

friend good friend who?

Powerful Women 

Success story success motivational story

Praise the gods

11 such stories of Mahabharata 

Mandodari-Lament, Ravan’s funeral

Shoot first (likee app)

You are making your first video. Or then again to make another video, you need to pick this choice.

From collection 

In the event that you as of now have a video or you need to transfer a video from your exhibition. So you can transfer by tapping on from collection.

4D enchantment

In this, you can make an enchantment video. For this, you need to act by turning on your camera the manner in which you need to make an enchantment video. What’s more, enchantment video altering should be possible as needs be.

Face stickers in likee app

You are more likely than not seen that individuals make their appearances in changed kinds. You can likewise give your face another look with stickers from here.

Music enchantment in likee app

In this, you are given diverse music enchantment channels. Which adds an enchantment impact to your video.

Discourse acting

In this, you are given a great deal of exchange. You simply need to choose the exchange you need to follow up on. This is amusing. Furthermore, which you can likewise impart to your companions later.

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Along these lines, pick the sort of video you need to make, and afterward another screen will open before you. Presently on the off chance that you need to shoot with your front camera, at that point set it or you can set the Back camera as indicated by yourself. Along these lines, you can make your own entertaining video with This application. What’s more, you can likewise do video altering in the equivalent.

Download likee app by clicking here – Download Likee app

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