11 such stories of Mahabharata which you have hardly heard

The 11 such stories of Mahabharata

You will know about many different stories related to the religious book Mahabharata, but there are many such stories about which you are hardly aware. Know about 11 such stories related to the religious book Mahabharata:
1. When the army of Kauravas was losing the war to the Pandavas, Duryodhana went to Bhishma Pitamah and tell him that you are not fighting this war with all your strength. Bhishma Pitamah got very angry and immediately took five gold arrows and read some mantras. After reciting the mantra, he told Duryodhana that tomorrow with these five arrows he will kill the Pandavas.

But Duryodhana did not believe in Bhishma Pitamah and took arrows and said that he will return these arrows tomorrow morning. The story behind these arrows is also very funny. When Lord Krishna came to know about the arrows, he called Arjuna and said that you go to Duryodhana and ask for five arrows.

You once saved the life of Duryodhana from Gandharva. Instead, he said that ask for one thing to save his life. The time has come for you to ask for those five gold arrows. Arjun went to Duryodhana and asked for arrows. Being a Kshatriya, Duryodhana fulfilled his promise and gave arrows to Arjuna.

2. Dronacharya can be considered India’s first test tube baby. This story is also very interesting. Dronacharya’s father was Maharishi Bhardwaj and his mother was an Apsara. In fact, one evening Bharadwaj went to take a bath in the Ganges in the evening when he saw a nymph bathing there. Seeing her beauty, the sage was enchanted and sperm came out of his body, which the sage stored in an earthen pot and kept it in the dark. This is where Dronacharya was born.

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3. When Pandu’s father Pandu was close to dying, he asked his sons to eat their brain to become intelligent and gain knowledge. Only Sahadeva fulfilled his wish and ate his brain. For the first time, he got information about the things that have happened in the world. On eating for the second time, he learned about the things happening in the present and on the third time he got information about what is going to happen in the future.

4. Abhimanyu’s wife Vatsala was the daughter of Balaram. Balaram wanted Vatsala to marry Duryodhana’s son Laxman. Vatsala and Abhimanyu loved each other. Abhimanyu enlisted Ghatotkacha’s help to find Vatsala. Ghatotkacha scared Laxman so much that he swore that he would not marry for his entire life.

5. Arjun’s son Iravan sacrificed himself to win his father. Before he sacrificed his last wish was to get married before he dies. But no girl was ready for this marriage because her husband had to die soon after marriage. In this situation Lord Krishna took the form of Mohini and not only married Iravan but also wept as a wife, leaving her.

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6. Sahadeva, who became intelligent by eating his father’s brain. He had the ability to see the future, so Duryodhana went to him and asked him about the right Muhurta before starting the war. Sahadev knew that Duryodhana was his biggest enemy, yet he told the right time to start the war.

7. Dhritarashtra also had a son named Yuetsu. Yuetsu was the son of a Vaishya woman. Actually, Dhritarashtra had a relationship with a maid from whom Yuetsu was born.

8. During the war of Mahabharata, the king of Udupi decided to remain neutral. The king of Udupi was neither from the Pandavas nor from the Kauravas. The king of Udupi had told Krishna that such a large army of Kauravas and Pandavas would need food and we would cook and feed the armies on both sides. In this war lasting 18 days, there was never any shortage of food.

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When the army asked the king about this, he credited it to Krishna. The king said that when Krishna eats food, he comes to know from his diet that how many people are going to die tomorrow and food is cooked accordingly.

9. When Duryodhana was taking his last breath in the battle field of Kurukshetra, at that time he lifted his three fingers. Lord Krishna went to him and understood that Duryodhana wanted to say that if he had not committed three mistakes in the war, he would have won the war. But Krishna told Duryodhana that even if you had done anything, you would have lost. After hearing this, Duryodhana took his finger down.

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10. The stories of Karna and Duryodhana’s friendship are quite famous. Both Karna and Duryodhana’s wife were playing chess once. Karna was winning in this game when Bhanumati saw Duryodhana coming and tried to stand. Karna was not aware of Duryodhana’s arrival.  So as soon as Bhanumati tried to get up, Karna wanted to catch him. Instead of Bhanumathi, the garland of her beads came in her hand and she broke. Duryodhana had arrived in the room by then. On seeing Duryodhana, both Bhanumati and Karna were afraid that Duryodhana might not suspect anything wrong. But Duryodhana had great faith in Karna. He just said pick up the beads.

11. Karna was quite famous for donating. When Karna was taking his last breath in the battle field, Lord Krishna want to test his charity. He became a poor Brahmin and went to Karna and said that he has heard a lot about you and I want some gift from you right now. Karna said in reply that you can ask for whatever you want. The Brahmin asked for gold. Karna said that gold is in his teeth and you can take it. Brahmin Jawa

I told that I am not so cowardly as to break your teeth. Karna then picked up a stone and broke his teeth. The Brahmin refused to take it too and said that he cannot take this gold stained with blood. Karna then picked up an arrow and shot it towards the sky. After this, it starts raining and teeth were washed.

These Are the 11 such stories of Mahabharata

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