Stop complaining and be positive

Stop complaining and be positive

Stop complaining and be positive –Are you always complaining to others? Like – I have this problem, it is a problem, I have many problems in my life or it is like that, it is like that, etc.
What we want to demonstrate by doing this is that there is no other hard working but struggling person in the whole world, we want this kind of sympathy, or we are absolutely perfect. If seen, this habit is inside all of us, but how will we know that the habit of spreading negativity is increasing in us.

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The same thing happened to me: we may have been intentionally or unknowingly spreading negativity to others, but when we try to be positive ourselves, we also spread positiveness to others, then it is understandable that negative things Initially, it was our thoughts that were being transferred to each other.

Have you thought that whenever we hear a motivational speech, read or meet someone who motivates people, we feel as if someone has awakened the hidden powers in us, a wonderful Courage comes, enthusiasm and confidence also increase. I feel that we can also do something. Motivating others to inspire them to do something in them is motivation.
Now the question arises that how do motivators do this? Because they evoke a positive attitude towards all the things that we have seen from a negative perspective till date, I think this is the keypoint.

Now if we look at our daily life, then we will find that most of our interaction with others goes into the discussion of negative things and we get to experience it when someone else talks to us more on negative topics. It is said that – he has written all his complaints or we are upset with the habit of always complaining to any member of our household. If a person with a negative attitude is asked about a place where he has gone, then he will tell all the negative things and faults in that place even if there are less bad things than good things, so do not keep negative views yourself. Nor should I presume anything from such negative people.

See, there is a difference in things too, some things are fair and necessary and some are useless and unnecessary, so the meaning of saying here is that it is not right to bother yourself and others again and again by repeating unnecessary and small negative things. .

However, problems should be shared with others and their grievances should also be resolved, instead of being unhappy with the matter but everyone has good and bad experiences, but some people share only bad experiences and negative things with others. While they have equally good things to share… don’t know why.

Such people impose full blame on others and we make assumptions about an event, place or person, that perception can also be negative, then later reality becomes known.
If it is the right thing then it is okay, but it is okay to unnecessarily say bad things, it is okay to complain so that is why someone should be judged and correct.
We should also keep in mind that if we are giving advice to someone, then give it with complete information. Because every event has two aspects, we have to look at both, not just one side.

May our behavior have positive effects; Discussions and talk should be true, meaningful and with appropriate conclusions. Because blaming someone unnecessarily will not do anything, we have to accept our mistakes as well.
It can be difficult to do this due to your EGO, but believe the humility in you, you will become more happy and positive person as well as spread happiness to others. In this way, the environment around you will also be positive.

Then we will be among those who, by their behavior, give lightness of happiness to others, not the burden of problems.
May you always be happy and talk about the best happiness, whichever person you meet, people feel good to meet you, there should be a positive change in their thinking. It is true that bad things happen in the world but good things also happen, but we should not get so accustomed to seeing evils somewhere that we cannot see the good.

Stop crying your sorrows and sorrows everywhere, pay attention to the good side of life. Try to find solutions out of grief and grievances.

Keep in mind that being happy is an internal state, it depends very little on external things because if it were, only the richest people in the world would be the happiest and happiest people.
In fact, it is happiness and satisfaction in our thoughts and actions.

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