Bharadwaj welcomes Bharat ayodhyaakaand

Bharadwaj welcomes Bharat –Because In this way, Munishreshtha Bhardwajji resolved them and said – Now you guys become our beloved dear guests and please accept whatever we give, the root-fruit, the fruits and flowers.

So Hearing the sage’s words, Bharat thought in his heart that he had such a great embarrassment! Then considering the speech of the gurus as important (respectable), worshiping the feet and folding hands, said –
Hey Nath! Because It is our ultimate religion to obey your command. May these words of Munjishtha be liked by Bharatji. He summoned confidant servants and disciples nearby.
(And said that) Bharat should be reached. Go bring tubers, origin and fruits. He said ‘O Nath! Very good ‘and gave him a head and then he became very happy and went on with his work.
Because The sage was worried that we invited a large guest. Now the deity should be worshiped as it is. Hearing this, the siddhis and anamadi siddhis came (and said-) O Gosain! Whatever you command, we shall do it.
So Muniraj was pleased and said- Bharatji, including younger brother Shatrughna and the society, is distraught against Shri Ramchandraji, take away his labor by reaching for them (hospitality).
Riddhi-Siddhi considered Muniraj’s command and beheaded himself. All the siddhis started saying among themselves – Bharata, the younger brother of Shri Ramchandraji, is such a guest, than whom no one can come.
Therefore, by worshiping the feet of the monk, today he should do the same, so that the whole royal society is happy. Having said this, he built many beautiful houses, seeing which the aircraft also deviates (gets embarrassed).
In those houses a lot of bhog (subject of senses) and aishwarya (thats-baat) were stuffed, which the gods were also tempted by seeing. Maid and slave keep their minds with all kinds of material and keep looking at their minds (ie they do according to their mind’s interest).
The siddhis, like those who are not in the dream of happiness, are also in heaven, and all such things were punished in a moment. At first they gave beautiful pleasing abodes to everyone who had an interest, likewise.
And then gave it to Bharatji along with the family, because the sage Bharadwajji had given similar orders. (Bharatji wanted all his companions to rest, so knowing his mind, Muni had earlier commanded them to give place to the family Bharatji at the back.) Muni Shrestha also surprised Brahma with Tapobal. Created a grandeur
When Bharatji saw the influence of Muni, he (Indra, Varuna, Yama, Kubera, etc.) in front of him, despised the folk of all Lokpals. The content of happiness cannot be described, seeing that even the knowledgeable people forget the quietness.
Because Asanas, SEZs, beautiful clothes, Chandoway, forests, orchards, like birds and animals, fragrant flowers and delicious fruits like nectar, many types (ponds, wells, baoli, etc.), serene reservoir,
And nectar also had amrit-like substances like sacred nectar, seeing that everyone is being restrained like spartan men (infested sages). In everyone’s tents (who give the desired thing) there are Kamadhenu and Kalpavriksha,
seeing that Indra and Indrani also have a desire (they are also tempted).
So Spring is the season. Because Soft, dim, fragrance blowing three types of air. So All four substances (religion, meaning, work and salvation) are accessible. Seeing the pleasures of the garland, sandalwood, women etc., everyone is falling into joy and sorrow. (Happiness is due to the enjoyment of the materials and the ascetic effect of the monk, and the sadness is why we, who are living in the rule of fasting in the disconnection of Shri Rama, indulged in indulgence and luxury, somewhere, our mind got attached to it Do not abandon the fasts)
Sampatti (material of indulgence) is Chakvi and Bharatji is Chakwa and the command of the sage is Khel, who kept both of them locked in a cage in the ashram that night and became a mole. (Just as Chakavi-Chakve is not a nocturnal affair even when kept in a cage by a fowler, Bharati did not even touch his mind even when he was living with all the food items under the orders of Bharadwajji.) 4
So (In the morning) Bharatji took a bath in the Tirtha Raja and prayed a lot by bowing his head to the community including the sage and offering obeisance and blessings to the sage.
Later, with the people (skilled pioneers) identifying the path, Bharatji took care of everyone in the Trikuta. Bharatji is going with Ramsakha Guha’s hand in his hand as if only love is wearing a body.
Neither they have shoes on their feet nor a shadow on their head,
So their love is a rule, fast and righteousness (true). So They ask Sakha Nishadraj about the path of Lakshmanji, Shri Ramchandraji, and Sitaji and he says with a soft voice.
Because Seeing the places and trees of Shri Ramchandraji’s love, love does not stop in his heart. Because Seeing this condition of Bharatji, the gods started showering flowers. So The earth became soft and the path became the root of Mars.
So Clouds are being overshadowed, a pleasant breeze blowing with pleasure. While going to Bharatji, the path was as pleasing as it was not even to Shri Ramchandraji.
Because There were innumerable root-conscious creatures on the way. So All those who saw Prabhu Shri Ramchandraji, or those who saw Prabhu Shri Ramchandraji,
all of them (at the same time) became the authority of the Supreme Father,
but now the philosophy of Bharatji has eradicated the disease of their birth (death and death). (He had become the officer of the Supreme Court by Shri Ramdarshan, but he got that Parampad from Bharat Darshan).
So This is not a big deal for Bharatji, whom Shri Ramji himself remembers in his mind. Whatever human beings once say ‘Ram’ in the world, they also become thorny.
Then Bharatji became the beloved of Shri Ramchandraji and his younger brother. Then how can there be a path to happiness (happiness) for them?  Because Siddhas, sages and great sages are saying this and seeing Bharatji gives joy in the heart.

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