Bhishma Niti: Those who follow these 10 policies of Bhishma Pitamah will get success

Bhishma Niti: Those who follow these 10 policies of Bhishma Pitamah will get success

Bhishma had said very important things before and after the war. There were many things that he said to Dhritarashtra, Duryodhana, Krishna, Arjuna and Yudhishthira. Lying on the bed, Bhishma addressed Yudhishthira and preached to everyone. His teachings contained esoteric matters of politics, policy, life and religion. Let us know what Bhishma had said.

1. Speak words that others will love. Saying bad things to others, criticizing others, speaking bad words, all these are worth giving up. Insulting others, arrogance and conceit are demerits.

2. Nothing is achieved without sacrifice. The ultimate ideal is not achieved without sacrifice. Without renunciation man cannot be free from fear. With the help of renunciation man gets all kinds of happiness.
3. Happiness comes to two types of human beings. Those who are most foolish, others who have seen the essence in the light of the intellect. Those who are hanging in the middle remain unhappy. (Bhishma Niti:)

4. The man who has authority over his future (determines his own path, does not become a puppet of others), who can think and act according to the time, he attains male happiness. Laziness destroys man.

5. Since the time immemorial, whenever someone has insulted a woman, she has definitely been destroyed. Bhishma Pitamah told Yudhishthira that the first happiness of a woman is her respect. Lakshmi resides in the same house where the woman is happy. In a house where a woman is not respected and she is given many kinds of misery, other deities along with Lakshmi also leave from that house.

6. Bhishma Pitamah told Yudhishthira that when the river reaches the sea with full speed, he takes away the biggest tree and takes it with him. Once the ocean asked the river that your flow of water is so fast and powerful that even the biggest tree gets washed away in it, but what is it that the small grass, soft vine and soft plants cannot bring it away The river said that when the flow of my water comes, the vines automatically bend. But trees are not able to do this because of their hardness, that is why my flow brings them away by uprooting them.

7. Before the war of Mahabharata, when Shri Krishna had come to Hastinapur for the treaty, then Bhishma had explained to Duryodhana the intellect by saying that where Shri Krishna is, where there is religion, that side is sure to win. So son Duryodhana! With the help of Lord Krishna, you make a treaty with the Pandavas, this is a very good opportunity for a treaty. One should always remain on the side of religion.

8. Bhagavad Bhishma Pitamah like Shri Krishna had also said that change is the unchanging law of this world and everyone has to accept it because no one can change it.

9. Bhishma Pitamah had said that a ruler should not have any kind of discrimination between his son and his subjects. It provides stability in governance and prosperity to the subjects.

10. Bhishma Pitamah had said that power is not for enjoying happiness, but for the welfare of the society by working hard. (Bhishma Niti:)

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