Bilvriksha and Mahalakshmi story shiva tell to mata parvati

Why Mahalakshmi defeated Belvriksha, why did Shiva consider Bilvriksha as Shiva- Naradji once praised Bholenath and asked – Lord what is the best and accessible means to please you. O Trilokinath, you are formless and immortal, you are easily pleased. Still, I want to know what do you love?

Shivji said- Naradji, although the feelings of the devotee are most dear to me, even if you have asked, I tell you.

I am very fond of the bilpatras along with water. I give those unbroken bilpatras with reverence to me in my own place.
Naradji worshiped Lord Shankar and Goddess Parvati and went to his lord. After he left, Parvatiji asked Shivji – Lord, I am very keen to know why you love Belpatra so much. Please pacify my curiosity.

Shivji said – O Shiva! So The leaves of Bilva are similar to those of Mary Jata. His Tripatra means three leaves, Rigveda, Yajurveda, and Samaveda. Branches are the form of all scripture. Think of Bilvriksha as Kalpavriksha of the earth which is Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva Swaroop.

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Hey Parvati! Mahalakshmi herself was born in the form of Bilvvriksha on Mount Shail, due to this, the vine tree is very popular for me. On hearing this Mahalaxmi took the form of Bilva, Parvatiji fell into curiosity.

Parvatiji could not curb the curiosity arising from curiosity. He asked – Why did Goddess Lakshmi take the form of Bilvriksha? You tell this story in detail.

Bholenath started narrating the story to Goddess Parvati. O, Goddess, I had Rameshwar Linga in Satyayuga in astrology. Brahma and other deities duly worshiped him.
As a result, by my grace, Vaani Devi became everyone’s favorite. She became dear to Lord Vishnu.

Due to my influence, the kind of love that prevailed in Lord Keshav’s mind for Vagdevi was not brother to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi Devi had some feelings towards Srihari. Worried and angry, she quietly went to the supreme best Mount Srisail.

There he decided to do penance and started choosing the best place.
So Mahalakshmi decided to the best place and started a fierce penance of my Linga Vigraha. His penance was becoming the hardest.

O Parameshwari, after some time Mahalakshmi Ji took the form of a tree slightly upward from my Linga Deity. She started worshiping me continuously with her leaves and flowers.

In this way, Mahalakshmi worshiped fiercely for a year (one crore years). He eventually received my favor.
I appeared there and asked the Goddess to aspire for this terrible penance and agreed to give her a boon.

Mahalakshmi asked that my affection in Srihari’s heart be removed for Vagdevi’s affection.

Shivji said- I explained to Mahalakshmi that there is no love for anyone other than you in the heart of Shrihari. He does not have a love for Vagdevi but reverence.
Hearing this, Lakshmiji became pleased and again located in the heart of Shrivishnu and started to vihara with him constantly.

Hey Parvati! A major heart disorder of Mahalakshmi was thus overcome. For this reason, Haripriya always worshiped me diligently in the same tree, filled with extreme devotion.

Durga Saptashati – Chapter Eighth

O Parvati, that is why I love the Bilva tree, its leaves, fruit, etc. I live in a secluded place with the shelter of bilvriksha.
Bilvriksha should always be considered as omniscient and omnipresent. There is no doubt at all. The devotee who worships me with the sandal of Bilvapatra, Bilvful, Bilvriksha, or Bilvakastha is my favorite.

Think of Bilvriksha like Shiva. He is my body. Whoever greets me by marking my name with sandalwood on the Vilva, I free him from all sins and place him in my world.
O Goddess also salutes Lakshmiji himself who worships me from Bilva. The person who leaves life in Bilvamul receives Rudra’s body.

Only the best leaves of the vine should be used for my worship

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