Birth and penance of Parvati

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Birth and penance of Parvati

At the time of dying, Ti asked Lord Hari that my birth should remain at the feet of Shiva. That is why he went to Himachal’s home and was born with Parvati’s body.

Ever since Umaji was born in Himachal’s home, all the beliefs and possessions were there. The sages built beautiful ashrams everywhere and Himachal gave them proper places.

On that beautiful mountain, all kinds of new trees always became flowering and there appeared many kinds of mines.

Holy water flows in all the rivers and birds, animals and animals are happy. All living beings have left their natural hatred and all love on the mountain.

Parvatiji’s arrival at the house makes the mountain look like a devotee is delighting after receiving the devotion. There are new Mangalotsavs every day in the house of that (Parvataraja), whose Brahmadi Yash sings.

When Naradji heard all this news, he came to Himachal’s house with curiosity. Parvataraj respected him and washed him and gave him a good posture.

Then, along with his wife, he got the head at the feet of the sage and sprinkle his feet in the whole house. Himachal spoke of his good fortune and called the daughter and put her on the feet of the sage.

(And said-) O Muniver! You are trikala and omniscient, you have universal reach. Therefore, consider the defects and qualities of a girl after thinking in her heart.

Narada Muni laughed and said to the mysterious gentle – your daughter is the mine of all virtues. It is beautiful, good-natured, and intelligent by nature. Its names are Uma, Ambika, and Bhavani.

Virgo is full of all the remedies, it will always love her husband. Its icing will always be immovable and its parents will gain fame.

It will be revered in the whole world and serving it will not be rare. In the world, women will remember its name and climb the edge of the sword like pity.

Hey mountain king! Your daughter is sorted. Now listen to the two or four demerits in it. Qualityless, honorable, parentless, indifferent, doubtless (careless)॥

Yogi, Jatadhari, Nishkam Hriday, Nude and unguided, will get such a husband. It has a similar line in its hand.

Hearing the voice of Narada Muni and knowing the truth in his heart, the husband and wife (Himavana and Maina) felt sad and Parvati ji was happy. Naradji also did not know this secret, because even though everyone’s external condition was the same, inner understanding was different.

All the Sakhi, Parvati, Parvatraja Himwan and Maina had their bodies pulsed and the eyes filled with water. The words of Devarshi cannot be untrue, (considering that) Parvati took those words in her heart.

He felt affection in the lotus feet of Shivji, but it was suspected in his mind that it is difficult to meet him. Not knowing the occasion, Uma hid her love and then she sat in the lap of Sakhi.

Thinking that Devarshi’s voice would not be false, Himwan, Maina and all the clever statements started worrying. Then, being patient in his heart, Parvatraj said – O Nath! Say, what should be done now?

Munishwar said – O God! Listen, no god, demon, man, serpent and monk can erase what the creator has written on the forehead .

Even then I suggest a solution. If divine help can be proved then. Uma will certainly get the groom, as I have described before you.

But the faults of the groom I have told, I guess they are all in Shiva. If married with Shiva, then everyone will be called the same as virtues.

Even as Vishnu sleeps on the bed of Lord Sheshnag, even the pundits do not blame him. Surya and Agnidev devour all the good and bad juices, but do not call them bad.

All the auspicious and inauspicious water flows in Gangaji, but no one calls them impure. Like Sun, Agni and Gangaji, Samarth does not find anything to blame.

If foolish humans compete with pride of knowledge in this way, they fall into hell for a cycle. Can any living being be like God (completely independent)?

The saints never know about drinking alcohol made from the Ganges water. But when the same gets purified in Gangaji, there is the same distinction between God and Jiva.

Shivji is easily able, because he is God, so there is all kind of welfare in this marriage, but worshiping Mahadevji is very difficult, yet he is satisfied very soon by performing tribulation.

If your daughter meditates, then Tripurari Mahadevji can destroy the promising. Although there are many brides in the world, for this there is no other brides except Shivji.

Shiva is the giver of the bride, the destroyer of the afflictions of the refugees, the sea of grace and pleasing the mind of the servants. Without worshiping Shiva, crores of yoga and chanting do not yield desired results.

So By remembering this, Naradaji blessed Parvati. (And said-) O Mountaineer! You abandon doubt, now it will be welfare.

Glory to Shri Ramgun and Shri Ramcharit

Saying this, Narada Muni went to Brahmaloka. Now listen to the character that happened next. Finding her husband alone, Maina said – O Nath! I did not understand the meaning of the words of the sage.

Marry if your daughter is suitable for our daughter, groom and family. Otherwise, the girl may be a virgin (I do not want to marry her with an unqualified groom), because O master! Parvati loves me like a life.

If a groom worthy of Parvati is not found, then everyone will say that the mountains are rooted (foolish) by nature. Hey master! After thinking about this, you will get married, in which there is no peace in the heart again.

Saying like this, Maina fell on her husband’s head with a head. Then Himwan said with love – Even if the fire appears in the moon, Naradji’s words cannot be false.

Hey honey Renounce all thinking and remember Shri Bhagavan, only those who have created Parvati will do well.

Now if you have love for a girl, then go and teach her that she should do such austerity, so that Shiva can be found. This remedy will not be eraseing by other means.

The words of Naradji are secret and simple and Shivji is the repository of all the beautiful qualities. Thinking that you (false) leave the doubt. Shiva is immaculate in all ways.

Hearing her husband’s words, Maina was delighted and immediately got up and went to Parvati. Seeing Parvati, her eyes were filled with tears. Made him sit on his lap with affection.

Then again and again she started applying it from the heart. Myna was strangled with love, nothing is said. Jagajjanani Bhavaniji was omniscient. (Knowing the state of the mind of the mother) She spoke with a soft voice that gives happiness to the mother.

mother! Listen, I tell you, I have dreamed that a beautiful Gauravarna Brahmin has preached to me like this.

Hey Parvati! Considering what Naradji has said, you go and meditate. Then your parents have also liked this. Tenacity is the one who gives happiness and is the destroyer of sorrow and guilt.

Brahma creates the world with the power of austerity and Bishnu obeys the whole world by the power of austerity. With the power of tenacity, Shambhu (Rudra) destroys the world and with the power of tenacity, Sheshaji bears the weight of the earth.

Hey Bhavani! The whole creation is based on meditation. Knowing this, you go and do penance. Mother was surpriseing to hear this and she called Himwan and narrated the dream.

After explaining the parents very well, Parvatiji went to penance with great pleasure. Dear family, father and mother are all distraught. No one can speak.

Then Vedashira Muni came and explained to everyone. Everyone was resolve after hearing

the glory of Parvati.

After holding the feet of Pranapati (Shiva) in the heart, Parvatiji started meditating in the forest. Parvatiji’s very tender body was not worthy of austerity, yet he remembering all the pleasures by remembering the feet of her husband.

At the feet of Swami, new affection began to arise and in the tenacity it felt like the mind had lost its entire body. For a thousand years, they ate the origin and fruits, then spent hundred years eating greens.

He ate water and air for a few days and then fasted for a few days, eating the bell letters which fell on the earth, ate them for three thousand years.

Then also left the dried leaves (Parva), then Parvati’s name was ‘Aparna’. Seeing Uma’s body weakened by austerity, there was a severe Brahmani from the sky.

O Miss of the mountain! Listen, your desire is successful. You now abandon all unbearable tribulations (hard tenacity). Now you will get Shiva

Hey Bhavani! Dhir, muni and gyani are many, but no one has done such (harsh) tenacity. Now, assuming the utterance of this superior Brahma, is always true and constantly pure, keep it in your heart.

When you come to call your father, then leave the stubbornness and go home and when you get the saptarshi, then understand this speech properly.

(Thus) on hearing the voice of Brahma uttered from the sky, Parvatiji became happy and (due to happiness) his body pulsed. (Yajnavalkyaji said to Bharadwajji that-) I told the beautiful character of Parvati, now listen to the lovable character of Shivji.

Ever since Sati went and sacrificed her body, Shiva had restlessness in her mind. Because He always started chanting the name of Shri Raghunathji and hearing stories of the virtues of Shri Ramchandraji everywhere.

Shiva, devoid of Chidanand, the abode of happiness, love, item and work, started wandering on the earth, holding Lord Sri Hari (Shri Ramachandraji), who was enjoying the whole world, (being immersed in the Lord’s attention).

He used to preach knowledge to sages and sometimes to describe the qualities of Shri Ramchandraji. Even though Sujan Shivji is immortal, he is saddeneing by the sorrow of disconnection of his devotee (Sati).

Thus a lot of time passed. So At the feet of Shri Ramchandraji, new love is happening. (When Shri Ramchandraji) saw Shivaji’s (rigid) rules, (exclusive) love and the unwavering take of devotion in his heart.

Then Grateful (obedient), Kripalu, the store of form and modesty, the great Tejapunja Lord Shri Ramchandraji appeared. Because He appreciated Shivji in many ways and said that who can fulfill such a (difficult) fast without you.

So Shri Ramchandraji explained to Shiva in many ways and narrated the birth of Parvati. Kripanidhan Shri Ramchandraji described in detail the very sacred sanctification of Parvati.


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