decision making The amazing benefits of decision making ability.

decision making “The ability to make decisions depends on your discretion, experience and knowledge.”

Decisions only give you new opportunities. Because many people see hope in you for their work. The type of possibilities you will be able to make decisions, the same type of possibilities will start you to explore. Whether he is the head of the household or the government of the country, when he shows interest in taking decisions, then people see opportunities for his progress in them. Ratan Tata says, “I do not believe in taking the right decisions, but I justify them by making decisions.”

In the absence of decision making- no administrative organization can be dynamic. In the absence of decision power, other qualities of any administrator seem insignificant. As Terry has also written that – the life of administrators is to decide. If the administrator has a universal identity, it is his decision making.

The literal meaning of decision making is ‘to reach the final result’, while in practical terms it means ‘to reach a conclusion’.

George R. In the words of Terry (George R. Tarry), decision making is a selection of two or more possible options based on a single criterion.

A scholarly thinker has written decision-making is that point of creative mental activity, where knowledge, thought, feeling, and imagination are combined for action.

The decision-making process is as important as it is complex. This is the reason that people in the administrative sector are particularly hesitant to take decisions. Because any wrong decision can prove fatal to the country or public interest. In addition, to make everyone happy through administrative decisions is a very difficult task.

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When you make a decision, people start following it. If you start depending on people’s reactions, then you will not be able to make any decision with accuracy. Yes, you can get people’s opinion to know Opinion.

This is the biggest cause of disintegration in most families. That the heads (heads) of the non-knowledgeable families of other people of the household take all the decisions themselves. Whereas there are some decisions where it is necessary to take consent of other family members. Where this happens, the doors of internal unity are very strong in those families.

When the Prime Minister of India can urge the people of the country to ask for new ideas. So what harm do we have in getting the opinion of our immediate people? Do you know that a person younger than you has more experience of that work? Due to the age of someone, the experience does not become small. Therefore, the right opinion can prove to be a milestone in your decision. Be aware, “The decisions you take are responsible for all the events in your life.” By the way, one should also take responsibility for the good result of his decision and should also take the opportunity in crisis.

The decision only makes a person a villain and a hero. In short, decision making is called choosing the best option and giving it the form of work effectively according to the organization’s ability from the options available under the most complex and intertwined circumstances.

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