Hanuman ji did these 9 major works in Lanka

Hanuman Ji did these 9 major works in Lanka.

When Hanumanji was to go to Lanka, Jamwantji introduced him to his powers and he then set out for Lanka by air. He did many mighty works on the route of Lanka and in Lanka. Let us know 9 major works among them. (Hanuman ji did these 9 major works in Lanka)

1. Confronting Samudra Langhana and Surasa – Only Hanumanji knew that there would be obstacles while crossing the sea. First, while crossing the sea, on the way, he encountered a Nagamata named Sursa who had taken the form of a demon. Sursa stopped Hanumanji and asked him to eat. When she did not agree to explain, Hanuman said, “Okay, eat me.” As Sursa started spreading her mouth to swallow them, Hanumanji also started increasing her body. As the Sursa continued to raise its mouth, so too did Hanumanji increase his body. Later, Hanuman suddenly made his body very small and entered Sursa’s mouth and came out immediately. Hanumanji wisely Sursa pleased and blessed him and wished him success.

2. Slaughter of demonic Maya – A demon lived in the sea. She used to catch the birds flying in the sky with maya. The creatures that used to fly in the sky, seeing their shadow in the water, swallowed them with their illusion. Hanumanji killed him knowing his deceit.

3. Meeting Vibhishana – When Hanumanji goes to Vibhishan’s palace looking for Sita Mata. They are happy to see the inscription of Ram on Vibhishan’s palace. He meets Vibhishan there. Vibhishan asks him to introduce him and he describes himself as a devotee of Raghunath. Hanumanji knows that he is a man of work. They promise to reunite Vibhishan with Shri Ram.

4. Prevention of grief of Sita Mata – As soon as she entered Lanka, she encountered Lankini and other demons whom she killed and proceeded. While searching, he reached Ashoka Vatika. Hanumanji met Sita Mata in Ashoka Vatika and relieved her grief by giving her a ring of Rama.

5. Desolation of Ashoka Vatika – After getting orders from Sita Mata, Hanumanji entered the garden and started eating fruits. He ate many fruits of Ashoka Vatika and started breaking trees. There were many demon keepers. Some of them were killed and some saved their lives and appeared before Ravana and reported the impending monkey.

6. Slaughter of Akshay Kumar – Then Ravana sent his son Akshay Kumar. He went along with innumerable superior warriors to kill Hanumanji. Seeing him coming, Hanumanji shouted with a tree in his hand and he roared loudly, killing everyone including Akshay Kumar.

7. Battle with Meghnad – Son Akshay was killed, Ravana got angry on hearing this and sent his powerful son Meghnad. Told him not to kill that evil one, but to tie him up. Let the monkey see where it belongs. Hanumanji saw that this time a terrible warrior has come. Meghnad immediately understood that this is no ordinary apes. Hanumanji has become unconscious in the battle,

Meghnad tied him to Nagpash. Ravana gets angry and says- With what crime did you kill the demons? Don’t you know about my power and glory? Then Hanumanji describes Rama’s glory and teaches him to accept Rama’s asylum and accept it as his fault.

8. Lanka – hearing Rama’s glory, Ravana gets angry and says that the tail on which it is sitting, its tail should be set on fire. When this monkey without a tail will go to his lord, even the lord will not dare to come here.

He took his giant form and started burning Ravana’s palace with a loud laugh. Seeing that, Lanka started burning and the Lankans got scared. One did not burn Vibhishan’s house. After burning all of Lanka, he jumped into the sea and returned.

9. Giving the news of Sita to Rama – After extinguishing the tail, Hanumanji in a small form stood with folded hands in front of Mother Sita and he took her chudamani symbol and crossed the sea and came across it.

Hanumanji appeared in front of Rama and said- Nath! He gave me a chudamani while walking. Shree Raghunathji took Hanumanji from his heart with him.

These works Hanuman ji did these 9 major works in Lanka

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