Hanuman ji: Due to what special qualities, Lord Ram is so dear to , know

Goswami was considering the qualities of Hanuman Ji while scripting Tulsidasji Sundarkand. The virtue he thought of

would be seen in Hanuman Ji. Therefore, while praising Hanumanji, he has called him ‘gross virtues’.

Only Bajrangbali has received this honor in Sanskrit literature. Although all the forms of God are complete in themselves, Hanumanji is the only one who never fails in any work. What should a Swami want other than a guarantee of success in work from his servant?

Pawanputra was dear to Lord Shree Ram due to his many qualities. These qualities also have the power to bring big changes in our life-

Hanuman Ji  Valor, courage and effective communication


Reaching Lanka by crossing all obstacles, convincing Mata Sita to be her Rama messenger, burning and incinerating Lanka – she talks about these qualities.

‘Subtle form is seen as a show,

a terrible form is a junk’

‘Kapi’s words love, grow mind Biswas,
Go to mind, save this, kindly do slave.
Wisdom with humility –

He was confronted by a demon named Sursa

who was notorious for eating a man

who came over the sea. When Hanumanji started expanding his body to avoid Sursa, Sursa widened his mouth in response. At this, Hanumanji cut himself short and came out through the mouth of Sursa.

Sursa was satisfied with this

intelligence of Hanumanji and

he allowed Hanumanji to move forward. That is, not only can it be won by

force but also with intelligence, many things can be easily done.

‘Jas-Jas Sursa Badnu Boost, Tasu Doon Kapi Roop Dekhava.’

Hanuman Ji Dedication and ideal

Hanumanji’s immense reverence, faith, and devotion to Ramji was incredible. He took care to protect his honor even in his absence. When Hanuman came to meet Sitaji again after burning Ravana’s gold Lanka, Sitaji said- ‘Son, take us from here.’
On this, Hanumanji said that mother, I can take you from here, but

I do not want me to take you away from here like Ravana. Only after killing Ravana, Lord Rama will take you with respect. Due to these qualities, Hanumanji received Ashta Siddhi and all 9 (Nav) funds.

Meghnath used ‘Brahmastra’ in the battle between Hanumanji and Meghnath in the garden of Ravana in Lanka. If Hanumanji wanted to, he could break it, but he did not do so, because he did not want to reduce his importance. For this, he suffered a severe stroke of Brahmastra. However, it could also be fatal. Tulsidasji has given a subtle depiction of Hanumanji’s mentality on this-

‘Brahma Astra their saadha, Kapi mana kinah ki dhyan, no brasher manhood, glory eradicated.’

Always be vigilant

During any crisis, maintain your morale and keep the balance of the brain in a controlled sense. When Laxman was stunning by the power, then Hanumanji went to the mountain and brought Sanjeevani along with the mountain is an example of this. He was able to do this because he had an immense ability to make decisions. This quality of his motivates to keep his mind active.

Intellectual efficiency, loyalty and leadership ability

While constructing a bridge over the sea, getting the work do out of the weak and

defiant monkey army is also a sign of his special organizational ability. At the time of the Ram-Ravana war, he led the entire monkey army with the vigorous operation.

During the conflict between Sugriva and Bali, persuade Lord Rama to kill Bali because only one Sugriva could help Lord Ram. In this way, Hanumanji facilitated the actions of both Sugriva and Prabhu Shriram with his wisdom skills and cleverness. Here, ‘loyalty’ and ‘Adarsh ​​Swami Bhakti’ to Hanumanji’s friend are worth praising.

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Shree Hanuman, who came back safely with the news of Sitaji, was praise on every side, but

he did not tell any story of his might to Lord Shree Ram. This was the greatness of Hanumanji, in which he was giving all the credit for his strength

to Lord Shree Ram’s blessings. Lord Rama also became convinced of Lord Hanuman’s self-ignorant personality by what Lord Hanuman said when he asked Lord Sri Ram’s travelogue to Lanka.

‘ता कहूं प्रभु कछु अगम नहीं, जा पर तुम्ह अनुकूल,
तव प्रभाव बड़वानलहि, जारि सकइ खलु तूल।
The biggest thing is that even when the seemingly
impossible tasks were conquered
by Hanuman
he dedicates the credit of each success to his master by saying ‘So Sab Tav Pratap Raghurai’. Working hard but not wishing to get credit is a rare quality of the servant
who gives him the gift of all other virtues. This is the biggest feature of Hanuman’s personality.
Who does not know the holy and holy relationship between Lord Rama and Hanumanji? Hanumanji gave up his entire life for his devotion to Ramji.
Hanumanji’s character was devoid of arrogance even after his incredible strength, knowledge, and power. This ideal is our lighthouse today, which guides us in a world filled with inequalities.
We pray in the spirit of ‘Sankat kate mite sub pira, Sumire Hanumat Balbeera’ that Sankatmochan Hanumanji protect the entire world from this ‘coronasur’.


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