How Lord Shiva came from beyond birth and death

Lord Shiva –

Lord Shiva Brief Introduction – What is it like in Lord Shiva? Those who worshiped the same from Kailash in the north to Rameshwaram in the south. Which magnet is there in his personality, due to which the society considers him as his own from Bhadralok to the exploited, deprived, and a beggar? Why are they the gods of the proletariat? Shiva’s personality is huge.

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He is Mahakal beyond time. Are omnipresent, omnipotent. Not only the devotees but also the deities are troublesome. On the occasion of this Shravan, let us know how Bhole Bhandari was born beyond birth and death?

In our scriptures, Lord Shiva is rate as a destroyer. Every Shiva devotee wants to know how Lord Shankar was born and what is the name of his parents. In different Puranas, many stories about the birth of Lord Shiva and his parents are prevalent. According to the Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva is consider to be self-proclaim, that is, he originated himself. Bholenath is beyond birth and death.

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Birth of Bholenath – There is a legend in the Vishnu Purana regarding the birth of Bholenath. According to the legend, once Brahma Ji needed a child, then he meditated for it. Suddenly, Shiva appeared crying in his lap. When Brahma asked the child the reason for crying, he replies innocently that he has no name, his name is not even ‘Brahma’ so he is crying. Then Brahma named Shiva Rudra which means wearer.

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There is a mythological story in Vishnu Purana even after he was born as Brahma’s son. According to this, when the entire universe including the earth, sky, earth, was submerge, then there was no god or creature except Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Then only Vishnu was seen lying on his Sheshnag on the water surface. Then Brahma Ji appeared on the lotus canal from his navel.

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When both these gods were talking about the universe, Shiva appeared. Brahma refused to recognize them. Then Lord Vishnu reminded Brahma of Shiva, fearing Shiva’s displeasure. Brahma realized his mistake and apologized to Shiva and asked him for his blessings to be born as his son. Shiva accepted this blessing by accepting Brahma’s prayer.

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