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Positive thoughts –It is said that words have a lot of power. If you say positive – think it will be the same. Living with positive people creates positive rays around us. Actually, we have two types of seeds, positive thoughts and negative thoughts, which later determine the tree of our attitudes and behavior. We become what we think. That is why it is said that we behave as we think. We have our own control over our thoughts, so it is for us to decide whether we want to think positively or negatively.

It is entirely up to us which seed we want to sow in our mind’s land. With a little understanding, we can turn a thorny tree into a fragrant flowering tree. If you want to be successful in your life, then you have to make your thinking positive from today itself. Here we are sharing with you more than positive thoughts of a good day, positive thoughts of the day, and more experiences related to life (sakaratmak vichar), which you are sure to benefit from a lot. Will happen. (how to think Positive thoughts)

Best positive thoughts


1. The mistake is made by the one who works hard
The life of the poor ends in finding the fault of others. (how to think Positive thoughts)

2. Tell my mistakes to others, not to me
Because I want to improve them.

3. In a crowd of crores, only a handful of people make history,
History is created by those who are not afraid of criticism …

4. An appointment is necessary if the relationship is to be maintained.
Otherwise, the plants also dry up after being forgotten.

5. In this battle of life, one has to become Krishna himself and Arjuna himself,
One has to fight the Mahabharata of life every day by becoming his own charioteer. (how to think Positive thoughts)

6. Two impossible tasks in the world
To assess the “mother” of the mother and the “capacity” of the father.

7. Zamana is also strange,
Fail to make fun of people.
And burns with successful people.

8. God has sent us to the earth like a blank check,
On the basis of qualities and abilities, we have to pay our own price in it.

9. Every kite knows, in the end, has to go to the trash,
But before that, he has to show the sky.

10. We understand less, explain more,
So we are less solving, more confused.

11. What, when, how is it said,
If it is salika, then everything is heard. (how to think Positive thoughts)

12. Flowers never bloom twice,
Births never meet twice,
Thousands of people get to meet
But those who forgive thousands of mistakes
Parents do not meet.

13. The whole quarrel is about desires,
Neither gum nor want is any less.

14. By snatching bread from someone’s right,
It is better to be hungry than to eat.

15. The house in which daughters and daughters-in-law
The sound of playing
Vastu dosha never happens in that house.

16. Nobody is innocent, everyone has secrets,
Some hide, some are printed.

17. Find excuses to live happily,
Gum is found under any pretext.

18. Those mistakes cause a lot of pain,
Whose time for forgiveness has passed.

19. With the person who gives his life,
Very strong is the father who bestows.

20. If you want to test the diamond then wait for the darkness
In the sun, even pieces of glass start shining.

21. We dream in sleep,
But God makes us sleep every day
Wake up those dreams
Give a chance to complete.

22. Do not be discouraged by frequent failures,
Sometimes the last key of the bunch also unlocks the lock.

23. Everything that starts with anger,
It ends on shame.

24. Everyone meets here,
Wearing a mask of truth,
How to identify someone,
Who is good, who is bad.

Positive Thoughts

1. Have a smile, what a sorrow
Who has less tension in life,
Good or bad is only an illusion,
Name of life
Sometimes happiness is sometimes sadness.

2. Be like water
Who makes his own way,
Not stone like
Which blocks the way of others.

3. A successful person is that
By others who are on their own
Thrown by bricks
Build a strong foundation.

4. Everyone’s days come
Better in the sea of ​​life
There are not always storms.

5. Trusting “God”
You will find what is written in your destiny,
If you trust “yourself”
God will write whatever you want.

6. No matter how big the child is, the mother’s sphere is never small.

7. If You Can Smile When
You are completely broken,
So make sure that
No one in the world can break you

8. Weigh all in the same scales
In which you weigh yourself

Then you will know,
People are not that bad
As much as we understand.

9. Father of the Neem tree
As it happens
Even if the leaves are bitter
But that shadow
Always gives cold.

10. Voice also has a strange power
Bitter talker
Even honey does not sell.
And sweet-spoken
Mirchi is also sold ..!

11. Pay more attention to it
that you have,
Not on what
You don’t have

12. Parents’ medicine slips
Is often lost …
But people will
Possesses a lot of papers.

13. There is no cost to smile.
It makes the recipient happy
And nothing of the giver happens.

14. We don’t know what color to show when
Otherwise, the ram who was going to get the kingdom at night
He does not get exile in the morning!

15. The cuckoo speaks its language,
So it remains free, but the parrot speaks another language,
Therefore the slave remains in the cage for life.

16. Life does not change in a minute
Decision was taken after taking a minute
Changes whole life.

17. Never give anyone sorrow
Because the given thing one day
Thousand returns once.

15. Trouble falls on everyone,
Some disintegrate and some fade.

16. Those who want to see the smile on the faces of others,

The upstart never snatches the smile on his face …

17. It is beneficial to walk in the path of truth because
The crowd is less on this road.

18. The lights do not necessarily have to be from lamps,
Daughters also light the house.

19. If water breaks, ‘destruction’ and
If the voice breaks, ‘apocalypse’
So keep restraint on speech.

20. Life belongs to someone who will regret the death,
Otherwise, everyone is born to die.

21. One mouth and two ears means that
If we say one thing, at least listen to two things.

22. It is better to plant a tree than to plant a heart
Those wounds will not at least give shade.

23. Never hate those who are jealous of you
Because that’s what these people are,
Those who think you are better than them.

Precious words of Bhagavad Gita

1. Anger causes confusion. Illusion distracts the intellect. When the intellect is anxious, then the logic is destroyed. When the argument is destroyed, then the person collapses.

2. Peace of God or God rests with those who have unity/harmony in mind and soul, who are free from desire and anger, who know their own/own soul in the true sense.

3. A person can become whatever he wants if he continuously thinks of the desired object with confidence.

4. He who renounces all desires and is freed from the longing and feeling of “I” and “mine”, finds peace.

5. Set your heart on your karma and not on its fruit.

6. A work full of selfishness will keep this world in captivity. Keep selfishness away from your life, without any personal gain.

7. A knowledgeable person should not destabilize the mind of an ignorant person who is expecting the reward of karma.

8. Whoever wishes to worship any deity with faith, I make his faith strong in that deity.

9. One should unite his consciousness and give up the desire/attachment for the fruit.

10. What is about to happen remains only through what is going to happen and what is not going to happen never happens. Those who have such determination in their mind never worry.

Gautam buddha thoughts

1. Thousands of lamps can be lit with a single lamp, without diluting its light. Happiness never diminishes by sharing happiness.

2. He who loves fifty people has fifty crises, he who does not love anyone does not have a single crisis.

3. Hatred – It does not end with love, but with love. This is the absolute truth.

4. Try yourself for your salvation, do not depend on anyone else.

5. Three things cannot hide for long – the sun, the moon and the truth.

6. All wrong actions arise from the mind. If the mind is changed, then no other wrong action can be done.

7. It is our duty to keep the body healthy, otherwise we will not be able to keep our mind clean and strong.

8. Those who live cleverly, there is no need to fear even death.

9. You will never be punished for your anger, rather you will be punished by your anger.

10. Do not believe anything, it does not matter where you have read it or who has told it, no matter if I have said it, as long as it does not match your own logic and understanding.

Thoughts of Swami Vivekananda

1. Get up, wake up and do not stop until the goal is achieved.

2. Only those who live for others live.

3. We are what our thinking has made us, so keep in mind what you think. Words are secondary, thoughts remain. They travel far.

4. You will become what you think. If you think of yourself as weak, you will become weak, if you think of yourself as strong, you will become strong.

5. Take an idea. Make that idea your life, think about it, dream it, live that idea. Let your brain, muscles, nerves, every part of the body be immersed in that thought and keep the rest of the thought aside. This is the way to succeed.

6. Learning as long as you live, experience is the best teacher in the world.

7. Someday, when you do not face any problem, you can be sure that you are walking on the wrong path.

8. The biggest religion is to be true to our nature. Trust yourself

9. Do one thing at a time and while doing so put your whole soul in it and forget everything else.

10. All the powers of the universe are already ours. It is we who put our hands on our eyes and then cry about how dark it is.

Precious words of Mahatma Gandhi

1. A little practice is better than a lot of sermons.

2. What you do may be less important, but the most important thing is to do something.

3. First they will not pay attention to you, then they will laugh at you, then they will fight with you, and then you will win.

4. You don’t understand who is important to you until you actually lose them.

5. Happiness is the only perfume that you sprinkle on others, then a few drops of it must fall on you too.

6. Live as if you are going to die tomorrow, learn that you are going to live forever.

7. Be yourself the change you want to see in the world.

8. Truth is one, the path is many.

9. No one can offend me without my permission.

10. The intelligent think before doing the work and the fool after doing the work.

Positive quotes of the great philosopher Socrates

1. The greatest way to live respectfully in this world is that we become those who pretend to be.

2. If you want to be respected, treat others the way you pretend to be.

3. A good life matters, not life.

4. An honest person is always like a child.

5. The soul of all people is immortal but the person who is a good human being, his soul is divine and immortal.

6. Make friendship easy. But once a friendship is formed, go on playing it very strongly.

7. Where there is respect, there is fear, where there is no respect, there is also fear.

8. If you have a lot of desires then it will create a lot of hate in you.

9. If you want to know yourself then think about yourself.

10. I cannot teach anyone anything but I can make them think.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Quotes

1. What is the age of death? Not even two moments, life continued, nowadays, not tomorrow
I live my life, I die of my heart,
I will come back, why should I be afraid of traveling?
Why don’t I live moment to moment,
Particle – Drink the beauty scattered in the particle?

2. The act of being, not being, will continue like this,
We are, we will remain, this confusion will also be perpetuated forever.

3. My God! Never give me such a height, I can not embrace the gaiers.

4. No one is bigger than a small mind and no one stands by a broken heart.

5. You can change friends but not neighbors.

6. I have not always brought promises, but have come with intentions.

7. Truth is the greatest weapon and everyone knows that
Cannot carry weapons in government places.

8. I have neither grandfather’s wealth nor father’s,
I only have my mother’s blessing.

Thoughts of Narendra Modi

1. Religion for me means allegiance to work and to work faithfully is to be religious.

2. It is a privilege for me to have some opportunity to work. I pour my soul into it. Each such opportunity opens the door to the next opportunity.

3. Desire + Sustainability = Resolve and Resolve + Hard Work = Success

4. We all have both good and bad qualities. Only those who focus on good qualities are successful in life.

5. Time is short, but as much power as possible… I wake up some people, wake some people up.

6. I do not see sports as just a way of body fitness. I see it as a tool of education that stimulates the mind and promotes discipline.

7. I am a small man who wants to do big things for small people.

8. Hard work never brings fatigue, it brings satisfaction.

9. Do not dream to become something but the dream to do something great.

10. An opportunity to serve society gives us an opportunity to pay our debts.

So this is the information about how to think positive thoughts

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