How to make the right decision in life

How to make the right decision, It is believed that what you are today is the result of your decisions taken yesterday. If you are successful today, it means that you made some right decisions in your past tense. And if you are unsuccessful today, you may have made some wrong decisions in your past tense.

Therefore, it is most important that we correct the How to make the right decision. There is a time in our life where we have to make some sudden decisions.

Or many times in our daily lives, we have a situation where we have to make some decisions. So today we will tell you 7 ways in this post that will increase your ability to make decisions and you will be able to take the right decision on your own. Which is very important for you.

And friends, we have taken all these topics from Shri Mad Bhagavad Gita. When and how we should take our decisions, all these are answered in Shri Mad Bhagavad Gita. And these words were said by Sri Krishna 5000 years ago when Arjuna was not able to take his decision to fight properly. And these things are as true today as they were 5000 years ago.

So let us know that Shri Krishna had told Arjuna which things Arjun decided to do during the war.

How To Make Right Decision In Life  | Shri Mad Bhagwat Geeta 


1: Feeling Are Temporary

Even when Arjuna had to fight, he was not ready and he said that God does not have any desire to fight me. I do not want to do this war. Then Shri Krishna said that you are not speaking this part, but it is speaking the spirit inside you. And this feeling that is inside you is only for a short time. And that’s why you cannot turn away from your duties at this time because of these feelings. Therefore, you will have to do this war.

This means friends, you should never take any decision in your feelings. Rather, you should take the decision that is right for you.

Many times it happens that we take wrong decisions for our happiness. For example, suppose you do not like to study but you cannot leave it because you cannot spoil your future for some time of your happiness. So you should not let your decisions dominate your feelings.

2: Never Take Decision In Extreme Emotion

Many times it happens that when we are very happy or very sad, then we take some such decision which proves very dangerous for us going forward.

Therefore, we should never make any decision or promise at a time when we are most happy or unhappy.

3: Ask Yourself

Whenever you take a decision, before that you should ask yourself this question whether the decision you are taking is correct or not. You should ask yourself what effect this decision will have on me.

And when you do any wrong thing, you also feel inside yourself that it is not right, then you should not take that decision.

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4: Accepts All Change

Whenever we take a new decision, we have to face some changes in it. If you want to go to a new job, then you will get new people, new facilities and the atmosphere of waha at that place.

But there are some people who do not like change at all. He is afraid to make any changes. He wants to live his life as he was before. This is the only big reason that people are not able to take the right decision.

Therefore, we should understand that change is the law of our life and we should accept it. And whatever changes result from our decision, we should accept them.

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5: Belief and Faith in Your Self

I want to ask you here whether you believe in yourself or not because if you do not believe in yourself then you can never take any decision in the right way.
Because when we believe in ourselves, our confidence increases, and our decision-making ability develops. Then we are able to take the right decision.

6: criticism Decision Good for Society

When you make a decision, it has the same effect on you as well as the people around you. Therefore, while deciding, you should also keep in mind that it should be right in the interest of society along with your interest. When that decision comes, it will fall into the category of a right decision.

7: Trust In the God

Many times it happens that after making a decision we start getting very upset thinking about what will be the result of that decision. Which is not true at all.

After deciding, we should leave everything to our God. And we should believe that whatever God will do, it will be right. We should have full faith in our God. Only when we can succeed in our plan.

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