Janaka Vashisthadi dialogue, Indra’s concern, Saraswati’s explanation to Indra

Janaka Vashisthadi dialogue –So, you go to the ashram. Saying so, Muniraj became relaxed with affection. Then Shri Ramji went to bow and went and came to Janakji after performing dheeraj.

Guruji, by the nature and affection of Shri Ramchandraji, preached the beautiful words to King Janakji (and said-) O Maharaj! Now do the same, in which everyone has interest including religion.

Hey Rajan! You are a repository of knowledge, intelligent, holy and patient in religion. Who is able to overcome this dilemma without you at this time?

Hearing the words of Muni Vashistha, Janakji became engrossed in love. Seeing his condition, knowledge and recluse also became disinterested (that is, his knowledge and recluse went from relaxation). He became relaxed with love and started thinking in his mind that we came here, it did not do well.

King Dasarathaji asked Shri Ramji to go to the forest and confirmed (true) the love of his beloved (sacrificed his life in beloved disconnection), but now we send him from forest to forest (and deep) to magnify his conscience. I will return with joy (that we have no attachment at all, we left Shri Ramji in the forest and came, did not die like Dasarathaji!)

The ascetic, sage and Brahmin were very distraught after hearing and seeing this. Thinking of time, King Janakji endured and went to Bharatji along with the society.

Bharatji came and took him in front (welcomed him in front) and gave good postures. Tirhutraj Janakji started saying – O Tat Bharat! You know the nature of Shri Ramji.

Shri Ramchandraji is a Satyavrati and devout, who is a man of all modesty and affection, that is why he is enduring trouble hesitantly.

Hearing this, Bharatji is a pulpit body, filled with water in the eyes and said with great endurance, O Lord! You are as dear and revered as our father and not as good a parent as the total Guru Shri Vashistha.

Vishwamitra is a society of sages and ministers and you are also present on this day. Hey master! Teach me as your child, servant and follower of education.

Asking you (such as the learned and revered) in this society and (virtuous) place! If I remain silent on this, then I will be deemed to be sloppy and it will be mad to speak, however I say small mouths. Hey Tat Forgive the Creator as unfavorable.

The Vedas are famous in scriptures and Puranas, and the world knows that Seva Dharma is very difficult. There is opposition in Swami Dharma (in duty to Swami) and selfishness (both can not play together), the hat is blind and love is no knowledge (I will say selfishly or lovingly, both of them are afraid of forgetting) 4

Therefore, knowing me subordinate (not asking me), keep the fast (interest), religion and (truth) fast of Shri Ram Chandraji, which is good for everyone and beneficial for all, recognize the love of everyone and do the same.

Hearing the words of Bharatji and seeing his nature, King Janaka along with the society started appreciating him. Bharatji’s words are smooth and agam, beautiful, gentle and harsh. There are few letters in them, but the meaning is very full.

Just as the face (image) looks in the mirror and the mirror is in his hand, yet he (image of the mouth) is not caught, similarly this wonderful voice of Bharatji is also not caught (the words do not understand his meaning). ). (Did not give any answer to anyone) Then Raja Janakji, Bharatji and Muni Vasisthaji went there with the society, where the moon was the one to feed (pleasures) to the god-like Kumuds.

Hearing this news, everyone got distraught with thinking, like the fishes are distraught by the addition of new (first rain) water. The deities first saw the (Premhivahal) condition of Vice-Chancellor Vashisthaji, then saw the special affection of Videhaji.

And then looked at Bharatji, full of Sri Rambhakti. Seeing all of this, the selfish deity panicked and gave up in the heart (became disappointed). He saw everyone drenched in Shri Ram’s love. Due to this, the Gods became so subdued that they had no account.

Devraj Indra began to think and said that Shri Ramchandraji is in the control of affection and hesitation, so everyone together create some Prapancha (Maya), otherwise the work is impaired (only understand).

The gods remembered Saraswati and praised her and said – O Goddess! Gods are your refuge, protect them. By creating your illusion, turn the wisdom of Bharatji and deceive you in the shadow of deceit (protect) the family of the gods.

Hearing the plea of the gods and seeing the gods being foolish in their selfishness, the wise Saraswatiji spoke – Telling me to turn the mind of Bharatji! You do not understand Sumeru even with a thousand eyes!

Maya of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh is very strong! But she also cannot look at the wisdom of Bharatji. That wisdom, you are telling me, do it naive (put it aside)! Hey! Can moonlight steal the sun with strong rays?

In the heart of Bharatji is the residence of Sri Sita-Ramji. Where there is sunlight, can there be darkness somewhere? Saying this, Saraswatiji went to Brahmaloka. The Gods were distraught as Chakwa is disturbed at night.

The selfish gods with sloppy minds created bad motives (conspiracies) by giving bad advice. By creating strong maya-trap, spread fear, confusion, imprecision and sublimation.

Devraj Indra started thinking that everything is in the hands of Bharatji. Here King Janakji (along with Muni Vasistha etc.) went to Shri Raghunathji. Deepak Sri Ramachandra of Suryakul respected everyone.

Then Vashisthaji, the priest of Raghukul, uttered the opposing (ie favorable) words of time, society and religion. He first spoke of Janakji and Bharatji. Then told the beautiful things said by Bharatji.

(Then said-) O Ram! My opinion is that you should do as you command. Hearing this, Shri Raghunathji joined both hands, saying truthful, simple and gentle speech.

While I and Mithileshwar Janakaji are present, I have to say everything is ridiculous (inappropriate). Whatever you and the King will command, I swear by you that the truth will be accepted by all.

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