Karna asked Shri Krishna ji what was my fault?

Mahabharat: When Karna asked Shri Krishna Ji what was my fault? Must know the answer of Shri Krishna

  • Karna asked Sri Krishna – My mom surrendered me when I conceive. Was it my flaw to have an ill-conceived kid?
  • Dronacharya didn’t show me since I was not a Kshatriya child.
  • Parshuram Ji trained me right yet reviled that when I would require that instruction the most, I would overlook it. Since as indicated by him I was not a Brahmin.
  • Just unintentionally, dairy animals hit me and its proprietor reviled me. While I had no shortcoming.

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  • I was insulte in Draupadi Swayamvara.
  • Mata Kunti at last disclosed to me my introduction to the world mystery even to spare her different children.
  • Whatever I have gotten is from Duryodhana itself. Things being what they are, on the off chance that I battle on his (Duryodhana’s a) side, where am I wrong?

Krishna replied –



  • Karna, I conceive in jail.
  • Prior to birth, the demise was sitting tight for me.
  • The night I conceive, the night from my folks.
  • Your youth was burned through tuning in to their sound between the blade, chariot, pony, bow, and bolt. I found a cow dairy animal bovine. Fertilizer Find and even ready to stand and stroll before it needed to confront numerous deadly assaults.
  • No military, no training. Insults were got from individuals that I am the purpose behind their issues. At the point when your Master was lauding your valor, I didn’t get any training at that age. At the point when I was sixteen years of age, the sage arrived at the Gurukul of Sandipan.

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  • You could wed a young lady of your decision.
  • I didn’t get the young lady I cherished and needed to wed those whom I needed or whom I had spared from evil presences.
  • So as to spare my whole society from jarasandha, I needed to move away from the banks of Yamuna and choose the shore of a removed ocean. Because of the movement from Ran, I likewise called Bharu.
  • On the off chance that Duryodhana wins the war, you will get a ton of credit.
  • What will I get if Dharmaraja wins?
  • I might be Inculpate of the issues made by war and war.
  • Along these lines, when Karna asked Sri Krishna, the proper answer by Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna Ji Uvach – One thing Karna remembers –

Karna asked

Because Life challenges everyone, life does not do justice to anyone. If Duryodhana has faced injustice, Yudhishthira also pays injustice.

Thus, if nobody is dealt with well, it doesn’t imply that they begin supporting incorrectly or bad behavior. That is, consistently keep up a tolerance and lead exemplary nature. Time and conditions change. After the pain and battle, after the obscurity of bliss and night, the light and light of the day will likewise come. Strife is life. Furthermore, one ought to consistently be a friend and self-assured person of religion.

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