Kauravaon invasion of Virat Nagar ~ Mahabharata

Kauravaon invasion of Virat Nagar

Kauravaon invasion of Virat Nagar -The news of Keechak’s slaughter spread like a storm. In fact, Keechaka was very powerful and King Susarma of Trigarta and Kaurava of Hastinapur were afraid of him. On the death of Keechak, King Susharma and the Kauravas formed a large army to attack Virat Nagar.

The Kauravas advised Susarma to climb first. According to his advice, Susarma, following his advice, attacked the city of Virat and grabbed all the cows of that state.

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Due to this, all the Gwalas of the state went to the Rajya Sabha and said, “O Maharaj, King Susarma of Trigarta is taking away all the cows from us and taking them into his kingdom. You should protect us soon.” At that time, Virat and Kank, etc. were all present in the meeting.

King Virat decided that Kank, Ballav, Tantipal, Granthik and his own army were brought into battle. According to his plan, everyone attacked and attacked King Susharma. Seeing the valor of the disguised Pandavas, Susarma’s soldiers started fleeing with their lives. Those soldiers were not ready to come back and fight even after Susarma got a lot of encouragement. Seeing the dismantling of his army, King Susharma also started to run away, but the Pandavas surrounded him. Ballav (Bhima) broke his bone rib by hitting him with kick punches. After Sasharma was defeated, Ballav picked him up and slammed him on the earth. Falling to the ground, he shouted loudly. Bhimsen did not listen to him and tied him up and presented it to Yudhishthira. Dharmaraja Yudhishthira left him when Susarma accepted slavery.

From the other side, the Kauravas attacked the city of Virat. The people came to the Rajya Sabha and started pleading for protection, but at that time Maharaj had gone to war with the four Pandavas against Susarma. There were only princes north in the palace. Seeing the people pleading for protection, he did not stay away from Sairandhri (Draupadi) and he rebuked the prince for not going north to fight with the Kauravas.

Hearing Sairandri’s rebuke, Prince North boasted, “I must have defeated the Kauravas by going to war, but I am unable, because I have no charioteer.” Hearing her, Syndri said – “Prince! Brihannala is a very accomplished charioteer and she has been the charioteer of Kuntiputra Arjuna. You make him your charioteer and go to war. ”

Ultimately, the prince turned north Brihannala to be a charioteer and went out to battle. On that day, the time of Pandavas’ exile had ended and the time for their appearance had come. Arjun’s impotence found under Urvashi’s curse had also ended. So on the way, Arjuna stopped the chariot near the crematorium where the Pandavas hid their weapons and took their weapons secretly.

When his chariot reached the battlefield, seeing the mighty warriors of the huge Kauravas and the mighty warriors of Bhishma, Dronacharya, Karna, Ashwatthama, Duryodhana, etc., the prince was extremely nervous and said – “Brihanla! Take back the chariot. I cannot fight these warriors.” can.”

Brihannala said- “O prince! It is better for any Kshatriyaputra to show back in battle than to get heroism in war. Pick up your weapons and do war.” But the words of Brihannala had no effect on the prince’s answer and he jumped from the chariot and ran away. At this, Arjuna (Vrihanla) caught him and said- “Prince! There is no need to be afraid. No one can spoil you except me. Today I am revealing myself to you. I am Panduputra Arjuna and ‘Kank’ is Yudhishthira, ‘Ballav’ Bhimsen, ‘Tantipal’ Nakula, and ‘Granthik’ Sahadeva. Now I will fight these Kauravas, you take the reins of the chariot. ” Hearing this promise, Prince Uttar gripped and grabbed Arjuna’s feet.

The sound of Arjuna’s ‘Devdutt’ conch echoed in the battlefield. Hearing that specific sound, Duryodhana said to Bhishma – “Pitamah! This is the sound of Arjuna’s Devadatta conch, yet the Pandavas’ unknown domination is not over.

Arjuna revealed himself, so now the Pandavas will have to undergo twelve years of exile and one year of exile again. ” Hearing the words of Duryodhana, Bhishma Pitamah said- “Duryodhana! Perhaps you do not know that the Pandavas are aware of the movement of time, Arjuna can never come out without completing the period. I have also calculated that the period of Pandavas’ unknown abode. It’s done. ”

Duryodhana, leaving a long assurance, said- “Now that Arjuna is sure to come, father! We should make an array soon.” On this Bhishma said- “Watts! You take the third army and go away with the cows. We will fight Arjuna here with the rest of the army. ” According to Bhishma Pitamah’s advice, Duryodhana marched towards Hastinapur with a third army carrying cows. Seeing that Duryodhana was returning from the battlefield, Arjuna ran his chariot behind Duryodhana and surrounded Duryodhana on the way, and distracted him with his numerous arrows. Arjuna’s arrows uprooted the legs of Duryodhana’s soldiers and they ran back on the run. All the cows also rushed to Virat Nagar and escaped.

Seeing Duryodhana surrounded by Arjuna’s arrows, all the heroes like Karna, Drona, Bhishma, etc. ran to protect him. Put Karna in front After all, Arjun’s anger was no longer open. He showered so many arrows at Karna that his chariots, horses, charioteers all got corrupted and Karna too left the field and ran away. When Karna left, Bhishma and Drona started dropping arrows at Arjuna together, but Arjun cut his arrows in the middle with his arrows. Finally, distraught with Arjuna’s arrows, all the Kauravas left the ground and fled. When the Kauravas fled in this way, Arjuna also returned to Virat Nagar playing Vijay Shankh. (Kauravaon invasion of Virat Nagar)

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