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Viewpoint motivational

Friends, every person has his own vision to see the world with open eyes .. In the rose plant, if someone sees a beautiful beautiful flower, then only someone thorns .. One who thinks like the world, He looks the same .. Some people always dream of moving forward seeing problems, some people see opportunity everywhere .. We have also seen people who are sad even on their birthday, They think that they have reduced their age .. So some people are very happy that a tremendous and wonderful year has passed and now a wonderful year is in front… Things look the same according to their thinking and the same happens…


Let’s move forward with a short Hindi Kahani to understand the point of view- (Viewpoint motivational)

Four blind men went to the court of a king .. The king stood him in front of an elephant and said – Describe what you all are touching!

The person who stood on the tail said that the elephant is like a rope, a person who stood on the feet of the elephant said that the elephant is like the thick trunk of a tree… Because The person who stands on the trunk It happened that he said that this elephant is like a snake… the person who stood on the stomach did not speak – no, the elephant is like a thick wall and all four people get involved in an argument…

Friends, the head of this story is that every person, every thing or any event sees from his perspective .. One person can be bad for some and very good for some! Different people may have different opinions about the same item or an issue .. So always work on your point of view. If your vision will be to seek happiness and happiness, then happiness and happiness will automatically be attracted towards you .. and will become your partner on your own…

In the same way, if your attitude is going to find grief, then you will always be sad and grief will never leave you…

A very old story related to the point of view, which we have been hearing since childhood, would like to repeat that story further-

A well-known shoe company sent a salesman to take stock of the market to expand its business in Africa.

The salesmen reached there and saw that most people did not have shoes in their feet .. Disappointed, he sent a report to the company and said that there is bad news, no one wears shoes here ..

Immediately after this, the company sent another salesman to get the report and wanted to know the opinion .. (Viewpoint motivational)

After some time the report of the excited salesmen was received in the company, which said – very good news, there is every possibility of running a good business there, we will make a lot of profit .. people here do not wear shoes, we just need them once in shoes. Explain the importance of… (Viewpoint motivational)

Friends, attitude makes a huge difference on our success .. We should always give positive thinking to ourselves, our family and friends… More than the parents who give money, they are the parents who are right in their children. Can develop the viewpoint .. Before making a complete opinion in any field, think from a different angle and then go and make a decision .. Make a habit of finding happiness .. Try to find opportunities in troubles… Because by holding your head and sitting Nothing is going to be achieved ..

If the outlook is negative, then you will continue to be troubled even if you have everything. Remember it is many times easier than trying unsuccessfully to change everyone in the world, change yourself .. change yourself…

Most people are not able to succeed in their field because they always set their eyes on negative aspects .. If you want to be successful in your life, then you have to develop a positive attitude in yourself… the percentage of success will not increase until You do not sow seeds with a positive attitude in you…. (Viewpoint motivational)

In future, the best Hindi posts related to the outlook will be published on our success…

Note- This article is inspired by Ujjwal Patni ji’s book “Jeet ya haar raho ready”.

Thank you!

Viewpoint motivational  Viewpoint motivational        Viewpoint motivational           

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