Pledge of demon slaughter, love of Sutixnaji, inaccessible union, inaccessible dialogue

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Pledge of demon slaughter, love of Sutixnaji, inaccessible union, inaccessible dialogue

Shri Ramji raised his arm and vowed that I will make the earth devoid of demons. Then after going to the ashrams of all the sages, they gave them happiness (of philosophy and speech).

Muni Agastyaji had a Sujan (learned) disciple named Sutixhan, he had a love for God. He was a servant of Shri Ramji’s feet by the mind, word, and deed. He had no faith in any other god in his dream.

As soon as he was able to hear the arrival of the Lord with his ears, he ran agitatedly (quickly) while doing many kinds of desires. Hey creator! Will Deenbandhu Shri Raghunathji have pity on a wicked like me?
Will Swami Shri Ramji including younger brother Laxmanji meet me as his servant? There is no strong belief in my heart, because there is nothing devotion, disinterest or knowledge in my heart.
I have neither done Satsang, yoga, chanting, or yagna nor have I had strong affection in the feet of the Lord. Yes, the store of mercy is a promise of the Lord that he who does not have the support of another loves him.
(As soon as the remembrance of the word of God came, the muni started blissing and said in his heart-) My eyes will be successful today by seeing the Lord’s mouth free from the bondage of bondage. (Shiva says-) O Bhavani! The learned sage is completely engrossed in love. His condition is not known.
He is not feeling anything. I don’t even know who I am and where I am going (I don’t even know). Sometimes they start walking back and forth and sometimes (Lord’s) qualities start singing and dancing.
Muni attained deep love. Prabhu Shri Ramji is seen hiding under the cover of the tree (the loving condition of the devotee). Seeing the great love of Muni, Shri Raghunathji, who defeated Bhavabhaya (fear of movement), appeared in the heart of Muni.
(Seeing the Lord in his heart) Muni sat immovable (fixed) on the way. His body became thrilled (crooked) like the fruit of jackfruit. Then Shri Raghunathji came to him and was very happy in his mind seeing the love of his devotee.
Shri Ramji awakened the sage in many ways, but the sage did not wake up, because he was getting the pleasure of meditation of the Lord. Then Shri Ramji hid his royal form and revealed his quadrilateral form in his heart.
Then (as soon as he is in the nature of his being), the monkey wakes up in such a way as if the superior (Manidhar) snake becomes distraught without the gem. Muni saw Shyamsunder Deity Sukhdham Sri Ramji in front of Sitaji and Lakshmanji in front of him.
Enchanted in love, he fell like a great sage lathi and fell at the feet of Shri Ramji. Shri Ramji grabbed them with his huge arms and lifted them and kept them wholehearted with love.
Kripalu Shri Ramachandraji is pleased to meet Muni as if the Tamal tree is being hugged by a gold tree. The sage (stooped) stood (staring) looking at Shri Ramji’s face, as if written in a picture.
Then the sage endured the heart and touched the feet again and again. Then brought the Lord to his ashram and worshiped him in many ways.
The sage said – O God! Listen to my request How do I praise you? Your glory is immense and my intellect is meager. Like the light of a firefly in front of the sun!
O red lotus-like eyes and beautiful ones! Sri Ramachandraji with the moon of Chakor in the eye of Sitaji, the hair of Manasarovar as the heart of Shiva, the huge heart and the arm I greet you
Those who are proud to eradicate the snake, destroy the gloom arising out of extremely harsh logic, erase the traffic and bring joy to the group of deities, those groups of grace Shri Ramji always protect us.
O nirgun, sauna, odd and identical! O knowledge, past with speech and senses! O Anupam, Nirmal, complete faultless, Anant, and Shri Ramchandraji who takes the weight off the earth! I greet you
Those who are the garden of Kalpavriksha for the devotees, who are afraid of anger, greed, item and work, are very clever and bridge form to move through the sea like the world, they are the flag of Suryakul, Shri Ramji always protect me.
The majesty of whose arms is incomparable, the abode of force, whose name is the destroyer of the great sins of Kali Yuga, who is the armor (protector) of religion and whose virtues are the ones who give joy, Shri Ramji is constantly for my welfare. Expand॥
Hey master! Those who know you the virtues, the virtues, and the innards, know that, in my heart, only Kosalpati Kamalnayan Shri Ramji should make his home.
Do not forget even with such pride that I am a servant and Shri Raghunathji is my master. Shri Ramji was very happy in hearing the word of Muni. Then he rejoiced and engaged the best muni with his heart.
(And said-) O Muni! Know me to be very happy Whatever I ask for, I will give you. Muni Sutixnji said – I have never asked for a groom. I do not understand what is false and what is true, (what is asked, what is not).
((So) O Raghunathji! O those who give happiness to slaves! Give me whatever you like. (Shri Ramchandraji said – O Munee!) May you be deeply devoted to devotion, disinterest, science, and all virtues and knowledge.
(Then Muni said-) I have got the boon that God gave me. Now give me what I like.
Oh, Lord! Hey Sri Ramji! With the younger brother Lakshmanji and Sitaji, you bow and arrow, and you remain immobile (stable) and live forever in my heart like the moon.
After uttering ‘Evamastu’ (so be it), Lakshmi Niwas Shri Ramchandraji was delighted and went to Agastya Rishi. (Then Sutixnji said-) I got a glimpse of Guru Agastya and I have been in this ashram for a long time.
Now I to go to Guruji with Prabhu (you). O Nath! I don’t owe you Seeing the cleverness of the sage, Shri Ramji took the store of grace with him and both brothers started laughing.
On the way, describing his unique devotion, Rajarajeshwar of the gods reached the ashram of Shri Ramji Agastya Muni. Sutixna immediately went to Guru Agastya and worshiped and said so.
हे नाथ! अयोध्या के राजा दशरथजी के कुमार जगदाधार श्री रामचंद्रजी छोटे भाई लक्ष्मणजी और सीताजी सहित आपसे मिलने आए हैं, जिनका हे देव! आप रात-दिन जप करते रहते हैं॥
On hearing this, Agastya ran up immediately. On seeing God, water-filled his eyes (tears of joy and love). Both brothers fell on the lotus feet of the monk. The sage (picked up) with great love attached them to his heart.
The learned sage respectfully asked him to be efficient and brought him to sit on the best posture. Then worshiped the Lord in many ways and said- Lucky like me, there is no other today.
As far as (as many) other monks were there, all Anandkandas were pleased to see Shri Ramji.
In the group of sages, Shri Ramchandraji is seated facing everyone (ie, each sage is seen sitting in front of himself by Shri Ramji and all the sages are looking at their faces). It seems as if the community of Chakor is looking towards the moon of Sharatpurnima.
Then Shri Ramji said to the sage – O Lord! There is nothing hidden from you. You know the reason I came. That’s why you I did not say anything to explain to you.
 Oh, Lord! Now you give me the same mantra (advice) as I kill the malevolent demons of the monks. Hearing the voice of God, Muni smiled and said – O Nath! What did you understand and asked me this question?
O destroyer of sins! I know a little of your glory with the effect of your hymn. Your Maya is like a giant tree of sycamore, the result of which is the group of many cosmos.

Calling Sita-Anasuya Milan and Shri Sitaji the husband’s religious religion

Variable and non-living organisms (small living within the fruit of sycamore) reside within those (cosmic fruits) like animals and they (apart from that little world) do not know anything else. The eaters of those fruits are hard and bitter. That era is always afraid of you.
He, as the lord of all Lokpal, questioned me like a human being. O abode of grace! I ask that you, along with Shri Sitaji and younger brother Laxmanji, abide (forever) in my heart.
May I have a deep devotion, disinterest, satsang, and unwavering love in your feet. Although you are unbroken and infinite Brahm, who comes to know only through experience and whose progeny worship.
Although I know and describe you in such a form, even after returning back, I accept love only in Sagun Brahm (in this beautiful form of you). You always praise the servants, that’s why O Raghunathji! You have asked me

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