Smile value – life changing article

Smile value – life changing article –Friends, today I will share with you some good things I have read from Dale Carnegie’s book Lok Prakash which is a Hindi translation of How to Win Friends and Influence People, which will help make your life even more beautiful.

Smile – Your smile is the biggest source of making others happy.

Smile value

The philosophers of China were very intelligent. They understood the way the world operates. He has written a very good saying that we all should stick to someplace where we can read it every day, “The person who does not have a smiling face, he should not open a shop.”

Your smile acts like goodwill for you. It illuminates the lives of all those who see it. For a person who has seen dozens of people twinkling their nose and eyebrows, your smile is like a sun peeping through the clouds. Especially when someone is under pressure or stress due to their boss, customers, teachers, or parents or their children, at such a time, your smile can tell them that disappointment cannot solve any problem. A smile tells us that the world is still happy and colorful.

Smile value ( Smile value – life-changing article )


  • It does not cost anything, but there is a lot to it.
  • Those who receive it become rich, but those who give it are not poor.
  • It happens in a moment, but its memory is always intact many times.
  • No one is rich enough to live without it and no one is poor enough to take advantage of it.
  • It brings happiness to the house, fosters goodwill in business and is a signature of friendship.
  • It is a rest for the weary, a ray of hope for the downtrodden, sunlight for the grieved and nature’s finest medicine for the afflicted.
  • But it cannot be bought or stolen, cannot be borrowed, it is not begging because it has no value until it is given to another And with the pressure of work, some of our salesmen are tired in this crowd of the world, that if you are not able to smile, will you bother to give your smile to them?

Because a smile is needed by the person who does not have a smile left to give.

  • Friends, as long as we are alive then it will never happen that we will not be disappointed, will not be disturbed and trouble will never be broken on us! In the meantime, we or you will have a smile that will give us the courage to fight everything.
  • What a crazy thing! How can anyone smile in trouble or in a moment of despair!
  • But such thinking can only be of those who want to be disappointed in despair and want to make the mind even more sad because they are the ones who want to make themselves even more sad by penetrating all of them.
  • No matter how big your problem, no matter how much disappointment your life has surrounded you .. You have to keep smiling ..
  • Laughing and smiling you will face the biggest problem and you will find your life even more beautiful.

Smile Quotes that Remind You of the Value of Smiling

Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, smile, and start again.

Smile Quotes
















Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

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Smile, happiness looks gorgeous on you.

Smile, happiness looks gorgeous on you.


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