Sri Sitaram-Dham-Parikar Vandana

Sri Sitaram-Dham-Parikar Vandana –


Sri Sitaram-Dham-Parikar Vandana – I worship the very holy Sri Ayodhyapuri and the Sri Saryu river which has destroyed the sins of Kali Yuga. Then I bow to the men and women of Avadhpuri who have little memory of

Lord Shri Ramchandraji (that is, many).

He (residing in his Puri) destroyed the sin group of the condemned

Sita (Dhobi and his supporting men and women) and

settled them in his lok (Dham) by making them unhappy. I praise the eastern direction of Kaushalya, whose fame is spreading all over the world.

From where (the east direction of Kaushalya) appeared the beautiful moon in the form of Sri Ramachandraji, who brought joy to the world and like frost for the evil lotuses. I salute the mind, words, and deeds by considering King Dasarathaji with all the queens as an idol of virtuous and beautiful welfare. Knowing the servant of his son, he should be kind to me, whom Brahmaji also graced and who are the limits of glory for being the mother and father of Shri Ramji.

I offer my obeisance to Shri Dasarathaji, the King of Awadh, who had true

love at the feet of Shri Ramji, who, at the behest of Deendayalu

Prabhu abandoned his beloved body like a small straw.

I salute King Janakji along with his family, who had a deep love at the

feet of Shri Ramji, whom he kept hidden in yoga and enjoyment, but upon seeing Shri Ramachandraji, he appeared.

(Among the brothers) First of all, I bow to the feet of Shri Bharatji, whose rules and

fast cannot be described and whose mind is wooing like

a bumblebee in the feet of Shri Ramji, never leaves him.

I bow to the lotus feet of Shri Lakshmanji, who is cool, beautiful and gives pleasure to the devotees. In the Vimal patka of Kriti form of Shri Raghunathji, whose (Laxmanji’s) fame

(who hoisted the flag) was like a punishment.

Those who are thousand-headed and due to the world (holding the world at a thousand heads) are Seshaji, who incarnated to overcome the fear of the earth, they should always be pleased with me, Kripasindhu Sumitranandan, Shri Lakshmanji, the mine of virtues.

Because I bow to the feet of Shri Shatrughnaji, who is behind the great hero, Sushil and Shri Bharatji. I beg Mahavir Shri Hanumanji, whose fame has been described by Shri Ramchandraji himself (from his Shrimukh).

So I bow down to Pawan Kumar Sri Hanumanji, who is fiery to devour the wicked forest, who is a giant of knowledge and whose heart is inhabited by a bow and arrow in the house of Lord Rama.

King of apes, Sugrivji, king of bears, Jambwanji, king of demons Vibhishanji and Angadji, etc. I adore the beautiful feet of everyone, who got Shri Ramachandraji even in the adam (animal and demon etc.) body.

So I worship the feet of all those who are worshipers of Shri Ramji’s feet, including

animals, birds, gods, humans, demons, who are the faithful servants of Shri Ramji.

Because Shukdevji, Sanakadi, Nardamuni, etc. are all the great sages who are devotees and supreme knowledgeers,

I bow down on the earth and bow to them all, O Munishvaras! All of you please consider me your slave.

I celebrate both the lotus feet of Shri Janaki Ji, the daughter of King Janak, the mother of the world, and the sweetheart of compassion, Shri Ramchandraji, by whose grace I find pure wisdom.

Then I pray Kamalanayan, bow, and arrow, destroying the calamity of the devotees and pleasing the lotus of Lord Raghunathji, who gives happiness to the devotees.

Those who are different in saying the voice and its meaning and like the waves of water and water, but are really integral (one), I worship the feet of Shri Sitaramji, who is very dear to the oppressed.

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