Story: Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Story – Once upon a time, there lived a crow in a forest, he was very happy, because he did not have many desires. He was satisfied with his life, but once he saw a swan in the forest and on seeing it started thinking that how beautiful this creature is, I have never seen such a creature before! So clean and white. It is very white and beautiful than the others in this forest, so it must have been very happy. Kova went to Hans and asked, Brother you are so beautiful, so you will be very happy?

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To this Hans replied, Yes, I used to be very happy before, until I saw the parrot. After seeing him, it seems that parrot is the most beautiful creature on earth. We both have the same body color, but the parrot has two colors on its body, a red circle around its neck, and it was green in color, really it was very beautiful.
Now the crow thought that the swan is telling the parrot the most beautiful, so then he will have to see it. The crow went to the parrot and asked, brother, would you be very happy to get two colors?

To this the parrot said, yes I was happy till I saw the peacock. I have only two colors, but there are many different colors on the body of a peacock. Now the crow thought who is the happiest, I will be able to find out. So now we have to meet the peacock. The crow found the peacock in the forest but he did not find a single peacock in the whole forest and while searching for the peacock, he reached the zoo, then he saw that many people have come to see the peacock and there is a lot of crowd around him.

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After all the people left, the crow asked the peacock, brother, you are the most beautiful creature in the world and you are colorful, people were taking photos with you. You must have loved it and you would be the happiest creature in the world?

On this the peacock said sadly, brother, even if I am beautiful, what difference does it make! People keep me imprisoned in this zoo, but no one keeps you imprisoned in the zoo and you can roam wherever you want. That’s why you must be the most satisfied and happy creature in the world, because you remain free. The crow was surprised, because the importance of his life was told by someone else.

Friends, we do the same thing. We compare our happiness and qualities with those of others, people whose living environment is completely different from ours. There are many such things in our life, which only we have, but we are not happy considering its importance. But we find the small happiness of others big, while we ignore our big happiness.

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