Story of a great person Motivational story

Story of a great person Motivational story


Story of a great person –His deeds are enough to make a person great, if a person does good deeds, then a human being can become great. That man lived in a village, very poor. It was very good to help others, due to which he was very good. People considered him a very good man

Because he felt that if anyone had any need, that man always helped them to fulfill their need. He did not have in mind that if I am helping today, I will get help tomorrow also but understands Was that if we can do something good for someone, then there is no harm in it. That man was poor with wealth but very rich at heart.

By working hard man: –

Perhaps he liked to serve others. He did not have any wealth.

But still, he thought that it is equally needed

The more we are hungry, that is what the man earned by working hard

Could buy it for his food but he could not collect the money
Because he didn’t earn enough to save money
But he believed that even if a person gets a little less than he needs
It does not matter but there should be so much
He could arrange two rounds of bread for himself
One day an old man comes to the same village, he came to that village for the first time

Maybe he was alone, sick and nobody was helping him

All the villagers were saying that you should not come here

The old man says: –

We do not know why we will serve you, we do not even recognize you and we do not even know where you came from. That old man says that I have come from another village where there is flood and all there Something is destroyed, there is nothing left there, I was alone in the house, I was upset I have nothing

My health is very bad, if you can stop me here for a few days, then help me, but when the people of the village came to know that this old man is ill, no one was helping him because he was giving him Did not know and his health was also bad, so why would he help him, but the man who was poor

My service: –

Always used to help others. When that old man went to him, he starts serving them. He thinks that if my service is right, it can be alright, then what could be better than all the villagers would say Are that you should not do because we do not know it, we cannot stop it even in our house and you are serving

Only then does that man explain to them that it is a very good thing to help everyone in life, if you can cure his health by serving someone, then no one in the world can believe in a good deed. If we all will serve them and it gets fixed then what else could be better than this

Help him: –

If we can make someone’s life good, then we should help him in this, maybe this is the kind of human being, that is why that man was considered great because he used to do the things that people also thought of doing. Today the villagers felt that the man is great because he does his deeds good, whose deeds are good.

That man becomes great in himself. After a few days of service, that old man got well and started saying that you have served me. Wanted, but the man says that now you have nothing left in that village, everything has been washed away in the water, you are spending your life in trouble

Help him in life: –

I want you to stay with me and maybe I will always serve you. Hearing this, the old man’s tears came because it seemed that no one would help him in life, but today I met the person whose He did not know about it till today, but his deeds told him that perhaps good deeds are a lot for us in life.

The villagers today understood that this person is very good and helps everyone, for this, there is always compassion in the mind and it pays attention to its deeds, it moves towards good and away from evil. It is probably a good way to live this life, if you have liked this Motivational story great person, share it even further. Tell us by commenting

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