The Best Friendship Stories of 2023

What is a true friendship? He had not thought about which he had a friend Naresh who was very poor but Sunil was in good condition but he never realized that he did not even think that something like this could happen but in time. A lot can happen according to.

Best stories about friendship:-


But nothing like this had happened the next day had also come, Naresh was not expecting any of his friends, he had not even come to meet Naresh, he felt that this would be his friendship (friendship) so he did not come. Is but he wanted to meet Sunil before leaving. He was waiting for Sunil but he did not come. Naresh’s mother says that we should go now. He will not come because this world changes very soon but Naresh is feeling Was that he would definitely come.

The Best Friendship

















The lazy boy

His friend cannot break up very quickly. His friendship is very old. He cannot easily forget me. The king was waiting. After some time, the bus also arrived. He was about to board the bus when Sunil comes. He says Where are you going, did not even wait for me, Naresh said that it is not that I knew that you will definitely come because both of us are very good friends and will always be Sunil said that forgive me.
Because I was talking to you, after that my father showed me a place, that place will be very good for you, you do not know that Sunil said that it was too late to see that place, that was the reason why I could not come in time, Naresh was looking at his friend, he felt that he would not stop him but his thinking was wrong. Today his friend is very good. He was thinking about them only then he has come to pick us up He goes with Sunil.

What are the Moral of the story?

Naresh got home with the help of Sunil, but Naresh understood that his friend is very good. He had not forgotten his friendship, due to which he came to him. Naresh said that I was not sure that you will help me but You had helped me because you are a very good friend Sunil said that you do not say that you are very good because you have been on my surface for a long time, I had to support you, so the king knew what friendship would be. Hey, what is a true friendship,  stories about friendship, if you liked this story, then do share and tell us by commenting.

The second story about friendship.

After some time, the exam was going to come because after that everyone’s life was going to change, this was the last exam, after that we could all go in search of our work but he Could not pay the fees of all these exams if he did not do so. So, he could have got a problem in front of him, he was also asking from home but was not getting any help, now he was worried but what to do, he was Thinking the same thing.

Law of attraction You will get what you think

That’s why he came to me because if his fees are not deposited then he cannot give his exams. He says that now I do not have money for exams and tomorrow I have to pay the exam fees. Father gave him the fees. I had given the money because he believed that if someone Works hard then his hard work should not go in vain, so we must help him. After that, my friend had deposited his fees and he had given his exam if we too had small well-being. If he works, he is very good, the second story of a friend, stories about friendship.

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