Thoughts for crossing the sea, the arrival of Ravandoot shook and returning with the letter of Laxmanji.

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Thoughts for crossing the sea, the arrival of Ravandoot shook and returning with the letter of Laxmanji.

Hey Veer Vanararaj Sugriva and Lankapati Vibhishan! Listen, how to cross this deep sea? Filled with snakes and fishes of many castes, it is extremely difficult to cross the sea in every way.

Vibhishanji said- O Raghunathji! Listen, although one of your arrows is going to absorb (can soak) crores of seas, yet the policy has been said (it would be appropriate) to (first) go and pray to the sea.
Oh God! The seas are big (ancestors) in your family, they will consider and give ideas. Then the whole army of bears and apes will cross the sea without diligence.
(Shri Ramji said-) O Sakha! You said a good solution. This should be done, if divinely helpful. Laxmanji did not like this advice. Hearing the words of Shri Ramji, he got very sad.
(Laxmanji said-) O Nath! Who trusts God? Get angry in your mind (bring it) and dry the sea. This divine form is the basis of the mind of the coward. Only lazy people cry day and day.
Hearing this, Mr. Raghuveer laughed and said – do likewise, be patient in your mind. After saying this, Lord Shree Raghunathji went near the sea after explaining to the younger brother.
He bowed his head first. Then Kush sat down on the shore. As soon as Vibhishanji came to Prabhu, Ravana sent messengers after him.
He saw all the leelas by wearing the body of a monkey with treachery. They began to appreciate the qualities of God in their hearts and their affection for refuge.
Then he began to magnify the nature of Shri Ramji with utmost love even in the manifest form, he forgot the durav (fraud). All the apes learned that they are the messengers of the enemy and they tied them all and brought them to Sugriva.
Sugriva said- All monkeys! Listen, send demons away The apes ran after hearing the words of Sugriva. He tied the messengers and drove them around the army.
The apes started killing them in many ways. They humbled and called, yet the apes did not leave them. (Then the messengers called out and said-) The one who will bite our nose and ears, he is owed to the Kosaladhish Ramji.
Hearing this, Lakshmanji called everyone close. He took great pity, smiling and he immediately rescued the demons. (And told them-) To give this letter in the hand of Ravana (and say-) O Killing! Play the words (message) of Laxman.
Then, to say to the fool that my generous (full of grace) message that by giving Sita to meet him (Shri Ramji), otherwise your time has come (understand).
At the feet of Laxmanji, the messengers went immediately after narrating the story of the virtues of Shri Ramji, by shifting the head. Saying the fame of Shri Ramji, he came to Lanka and gave him the head at the feet of Ravana.
Dashmukh Ravana laughed and asked – Shuk! Why don’t you say your skilled? Then I heard the news of that fate, death which has come very close.
The fool renounced Lanka while ruling. Unfortunate, it will now become a barley worm (mite) (as the mite is also crushed along with the barley, so will it be killed with the male apes), then say the state of Bhalu and the army of apes, which moved here with the inspiration of hard times. Has come
And those whose life has become a poor sea with a soft mind (ie), if there was no sea between them and the demons, by now the demons would have killed them and eaten them. Then tell me about those ascetics who have a great fear in my heart.


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