Van Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories Forest festival

Van Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories In Hindi || Forest festival

The Van Parva of Mahabharata has many wonderful stories and themes, which include some of the following major stories:

The exile of the Pandavas, the killing of Kirmir by Bhimsen, the meeting of the Pandavas by Shri Krishna in the forest, the Shalavadhopakhyana, the Pandavas going to the dualism, Draupadi and Bhima cheering Yudhishthira, Arjuna’s penance at Indrakilparvata, Arjuna’s war with Shankarsvadhankar Shankar Attainment, Arjuna’s visit to Indraloka, Nal-Damayanti-aka, the glory of Nana Tirthas and the pilgrimage to Yudhishthira, Saugandhik Kamal-Aharan, Jatasura-slaughter, war with the Yakshas, ​​Arjuna’s concern with the Pandavas, Arjuna’s war with the Nivatakavachas and the narrative recitation,

The capture of Bhima by the dragon-like Nahusha, the liberation of Nahusha from the serpent due to the conversation with Yudhishthira, the Pandavas’ abode in Kamyakavan and the dialogue with Markandeya Rishi, Draupadi’s dialogue with Satyabhama, Duryodhana, etc. on the pretext of Ghoshyatra, the war with Kauravas Defeating them and capturing them, liberating Duryodhanadi by removing the Gandharvas by the Pandavas, defaming Duryodhana, extortion of Draupadi by Jayadratha, imprisoning Jayadratha by Bhima and liberating by Yudhishthira, Ramopakhyana, the glory of husbandry, the legend of Savitri Satyavan, Durvasa There is a description of the service of Kunti and getting the groom from her, Indra taking the armor-horoscope from Karna, Yaksha-Yudhishthira-dialogue and finally counseling for the unknown.

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Exile of Pandavas
As per the condition of gambling, Yudhishthira was to spend twelve years of exile and one year of exile with his brothers. Yudhishthira brought Mata Kunti to Vidur’s house and Subhadra went to her maternal home with her son Abhimanyu and Draupadi’s five sons. The Pandavas went to the forest with Draupadi and her priest Dhoumya. Many Brahmins walked with him. Seeing the Brahmins together, Yudhishthira worshiped the Sun on the advice of Purohit Dhaumya and Suryadev gave him an Akshayapatra whose food would never end. That Akshayapatra Draupadi used to feed the Brahmins and the Pandavas and would eat themselves at the end. Meanwhile, Dhritarashtra expelled Vidur after Vidur praised the Pandavas, but called Vidur in a few days after Vidur remembered him. Pandavas started spending their lives in the forest. In the forest itself, Vyasji met the Pandavas and advised them to stay in the forest and get an education on weapons. He advised Arjuna to go to Mount Kailash and obtain Divyastra from Lord Pashupati and Amogha Astra from Indra.
Arjuna’s penance and attainment of Divya
On the advice of Maharishi Vyas, Arjun reached Kailash. On the way, he saw a jatadhari seated ascetic. The ascetic told Arjun that this is Tapobhumi, no one walks with weapons. Arjuna said in a polite manner that I am a Kshatriya. He was Indra as an ascetic. He asked Arjuna to ask for the groom. Arjuna asked for Indyastra from Indra. Indra told that first, you get a weapon from Lord Shankar, and then other gods will also give you a divine weapon. Arjuna started penance and five months passed. One day a wild pig came out of the forest. As soon as Arjuna thought of firing an arrow at him, he saw that a hunter is also ready to shoot the arrow at that pig. The arrows of both of them engaged the pig. Arjun said to the hunter that when I fired an arrow at him, why did you shoot an arrow at him. The hunter laughed and said that I had already targeted him. Arjuna gets angry at the hunter and shoots the arrow at the hunter. But the arrows had no effect on the hunter. Arjun threw the bow and attacked him with a sword, but the sword also broke after hitting Vyadha’s body. Mallu started fighting with Arjun Huntsman, but when tired, he fell unconscious.

Arjuna thought that I would worship the presiding deity first and then fight the hunter. The hunter also said to Arjuna – Okay, increase your power by worshiping. As soon as Arjuna worshiped, as soon as the garland was mounted on the idol of Shiva, he saw that the garland was lying in the neck of the hunter. It did not take long for Arjun to understand that only Lord Shankar is standing as a hunter. Shankar was pleased and gave Pashupati a weapon to Arjun and told them that its use on humans is forbidden.

Complete Mahabharata Story In Hindi
Arjuna’s journey to Indralok
On the way, Arjuna was seen waiting for Indra’s charioteer Malati with a chariot. Malati tells Arjuna that Indra has called you. Walk there and kill the Asuras. In Indraloka, all the gods welcomed Arjuna and taught his divine weapons. Arjuna killed the demons. One night Arjuna was thinking about his brothers and Draupadi that Urvashi, the Apsara of heaven, sat near her. Arjuna addressed Urvashi as a mother because she is the nymph of his guru Indra. I have come here to teach arms and dance music. The student’s religion is not enjoyment. Urvashi cursed Arjuna for remaining unarmed for a year due to failing in his purpose but said that this curse will be a boon for you. In one year’s unknown, you will be able to hide as a eunuch. The Pandavas remained worried after not receiving the news of Arjuna for many years. Then Narada came and told him that he would soon meet me with Maharishi Lomash. Till then you can visit the country and do a pilgrimage. A few days later Lomash Rishi came and told the news of Arjuna. Lomash went to visit the Pandava shrines with the sage. He saw Prayas, Vedatirtha, Gaya, Gangasagar, and Prabhas Tirtha. From Prabhas pilgrimage he reached Kashmir via Sindhu shrine, from here he reached Subahu state of Himalayas. From here he also went to Badarika Ashram.
Bhima meets Hanuman
One day a lotus with thousands of parties flew into the air and fell near Draupadi. He asked Bhima to bring similar flowers. Bhima proceeded in search of a flower. A monkey was lying on the way. Bhima thundered and asked him to leave the path, but the monkey said that I am old. You lift my tail and keep it aside. Bhima tried hard to raise the tail, but Bhima did not even have his tail shaken. Bhima stood before the monkey with folded hands. The old monkey said that I am Hanuman, the servant of Rama. You are my younger brother. Bhima apologized to Hanuman and prayed that you sit on the flag of Nandighosh Chariot of my brother Arjuna and watch the war of Mahabharata. Hanuman accepted this prayer of Bhima. Hanuman also told Bhima the address of Kamal Sarovar. Upon reaching the lake, Bhima started plucking flowers, then the demon Yakshas of the lake stopped him. Bhima started killing demons. When the lord of the lake, Kubera, came to know that the Pandavas had come here, he happily sent flowers and flowers to the Pandavas. While staying here, the Pandavas started waiting for Arjuna. After some time a chariot came from the sky and Arjuna descended from it. The happiness of Pandavas and Draupadi was not limited.
Proud loss of Duryodhana etc.
A plan by Duryodhana to degrade the Pandavas in the forest

Created. Along with his queens along with Karna, Shakuni, he reached the forest. One day Duryodhana wished to take the queens and bathe in the lake. Chitrasen, the king of the Gandharvas was staying on the banks of the lake. Duryodhana sent his men to clean the land on that side, whom Chitrasen threatened to drive away. Duryodhana sent soldiers, but Chitrasen drove them away. Duryodhana came along with Karna and Shakuni in front of the Gandharvas. Chitrasen was taking a bath at that time. He started throwing rain on the Kaurava army. Then used the hypnosis weapon, cut Karna’s chariot, tied Duryodhana in a loop and imprisoned the Kaurava queens, and took them to heaven. The queens called Bhima, Arjuna, and Yudhishthira for help. At the same time, the minister of Duryodhana also came to Yudhishthira and described the plight of the Kauravas and prayed for help. Bhima was happy, but Yudhishthira said that this is a question of our reputation. At their behest, Bhima and Arjun confronted Chitrasen and forced Chitrasen to come down from the sky with the Mahakrithan weapon. Bhima took Duryodhana off the chariot along with the women. Chitrasen and Arjun met friends. Duryodhana was very ashamed. He bowed to Dharmaraja and returned to his capital.

There are 22 (sub) festivals and 315 chapters under Van Parva. The names of these 22 festivals are- Aranya Parva, Kirimirvadha Parva, Arjunabhigaman Parva, Karat Parva, Indralokabhigaman Parva, Nalopakhyana Parva, Pilgrimage Feast, Jatasurvadha Parva, Yaksha Yuddha, Nivatakaruddha Parva, Ajar Parva,  Feast, Brihadraunik Parva, Draupadiharan Parva, Jayadrathvimoksha Parva, Ramopakhyana Parva, Pativrata Mahatmya Parva, Kundalaharan Parva, Aranay Parva

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