what is life. Definition of life know how

What is life, have you ever thought and how should we live it? Everyone has different ideas about what life is (Jeevan Kya Hai) and all these thoughts are given on their own life experience but still there are some facts that completely change the definition of life.

As I said, everyone has different views about life and these thoughts are based on their own life experience, but everyone’s experience depends on their thoughts. Life would be the definition of what one would think. And you know what this thinking is, there are two types of positive and negative.

Now for a person whose thinking will be positive, the experience of geneva will also be positive and for a person whose thinking will be negative, the experience of life will also be negative, so that the definition of life will also be negative.

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Definition of life, so we have heard many times and all people have given different definitions of it, but the most correct and accurate definition of life has been given to us by Shri Krishna which he has told the whole world through the medium of Gita. So let us know what is the definition of life given by Shri Krishna in the Gita.

 What Is Life? Definition Of Life?

In our life, some big or small event happens at some time or the other and we do not forget to forget those events. We just start getting upset about all those incidents and we start planning for the future so that this incident does not happen with us.

We always think about what has passed and what is going to come and we forget it today. Shri Krishna has described this today as life. We always forget to experience what has passed and to think about what is going to come.

Today is the experience of the day. The experience of the present time is the definition of life. Now here you have to consider whether you have to be upset by remembering what happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow, or to enjoy what is in front of you.

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But now it is not like that you have to stop thinking about your future, you can think about your future and make plans but you only have to think about it and do not worry about them.

You should always live in the present. Because presently it makes you feel real life and we will also give you some tips for how you can live in the present.

How To Live In Present.

Friends, we will tell you only one way to live in the present, that is the best and the best way. Other than this, all the methods are useless. Just if you bring this habit inside you, you will learn to live in the present.

Whenever we do some work, we do work but we do not feel that work. This means that when you eat food, you eat here and there, but the brain starts thinking here and there and then you are not able to enjoy that food.

You do not know what the food is made of. Whenever you eat food, your full attention should be on that food as you can see that there is a different test in vegetable today which does not happen every day, what ingredients have been used in the vegetable, you try to guess this too. You can tell who cooked the food today and there are many things too.

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Apart from this, as you are going to roam somewhere, today you can try to know whether something new happened today at the place where you go every day.

And as you are taking a bath, you can feel the time when you pour water on it. In this, you can feel how we feel when we pour water over us. You can feel the temperature in the water how cold or hot the water is today.

Or as you are talking to someone, you can try to know about that man like what he is wearing today, which perfume he has applied, what is his way of speaking, what is his body language, etc.

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Now here all these means that you just have to think about those things which are in front of you at that time.

Friends, this is just a way that you will gradually learn to live in the present and I hope that you will know well what life is and how we can live it means how we can live in the present is.

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