Whatever happens is for good! know how

Whatever happens is for good!

Whatever happens is for good –“What is happening is going to be good. Whatever will happen will be good. You do not repent of the past, do not worry about the future, the present is going on” – these are the words of the Holy Gita.

Now we pay close attention to these words, then do we believe that whatever happens is for the good? Not always
I also used to think that it is not necessary to have goodness hidden in everything but here I am going to tell you some things that might change your thinking –

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• From the spiritual point of view, I think that God always cares for all, be it good or bad they only serve everyone, even if he punishes, it is his mercy like killing Ravana and giving him salvation.

• According to Steve Jobs G, who was the co-founder of the Apple company – we may not know right now, but when we look back later, the data appears to be connected. Any event, good or bad, is linked to each other that takes us to the intended path. Every situation is connected to each other, similarly a failure leads to new success.

If we peep in our life, then it will feel that some events cannot be called good but they will not be known right now, but when we go ahead and think in the future, then it would seem that if it had not happened then how would it have meant that everything that existed There is definitely a reason behind this, but some incidents may not be known until the end.

By saying this, I mean that always be thought positive and good, see if we believe that what happens is for good then by nature we get the same back and in truth we get something in everything, in every event Neither does any goodness get found.
Ever since I started believing this, I have a positive side in all situations like difficult and negative and in that case I am not disappointed,
It is important that if we feel positive, then this positiveness then gives us the energy to handle everything else.
Friends, what happens is that when we are in a problem, we only think about the problem, we do not think the solution because at that time only that ‘tension’ remains in the mind but then later when we think with a calm mind, it seems It is said that at that time, we could have done this too but at that time I did not even think.

This happened because your mind was not stable then.
Whatever happens here for good will be believed because you will not panic and focus on solving the problem. With this belief, people also face big troubles -:
“An optimist finds opportunity in every difficulty and a pessimist finds difficulty in every opportunity”.

Then you – what will happen next, you will avoid the possibility of something going wrong because then maybe you will not be as scared.
Earlier I also used to think ‘what will happen next’ but ever since I started learning from my life, it seems that everything teaches us something new, every situation has a meaning, just need it, then to find that meaning Of.

Friends, life is a school where we come to learn some lessons and until we learn those lessons, life keeps on creating the same situations again and again, so in every situation, find out what life wants to give us and take lessons. , When we learn all the lessons one after the other, then the purpose of our life will be fulfilled. Therefore, understand the meaning of being in situations, find goodness in them and make your life positive.

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