Why is it important to resolve know how

Why is it important to resolve

Why is it important to resolve -In order to prove ourselves, to bring out the hidden powers inside us, it is very important to take a resolution to know what we can do! It is very important to be determined to get something in life!
It is not only necessary to have a goal in life, but it is also very important to have strong determination to achieve the goal, because anything is so far away from us that we are determined to achieve it –
There is a lot of power in the resolution, once it is determined then everything is possible, this world has changed with the resolution, India was liberated by Gandhiji’s resolve and the whole nation was benefited by the pious determination of many great men.
It is good to have a resolution for your own interest, but if it is comprehensive in which the welfare of the whole country is contained, then it becomes history-maker. If the resolution is made with a sincere mind and we are devoted to it with dedication, then the result is definitely good.

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“Sankalpa” can also be called “Prana”.
Sankalpa = Sama + Kalpa; Sama = According to him, Kalpa = mind, that is, to make something according to the mind, to achieve what you have decided is to be determined to live. Some sacred resolutions are worn with complete law.
The word “prana” is derived from “prana”, meaning prana is taken when we want to do something whole-heartedly.

In olden times people used to take big resolutions, fasts, and in this way many big changes also took place; Even today people vow to become rich, some to earn a great name, some to serve the country and society.
But now people taking resolutions have become less like most of us are going to be like, something will change sometime, everyone has their own luck, life is meant to enjoy, why have you been so upset with the resolution?
Even if we take Resolutions in the New Year, then we are not able to execute, sometimes there is an excuse, sometimes someone comes out.

Friends, when we resolve to achieve a goal and are devoted to it, then the paths related to it start coming to us, till now the energy that was going on just like that starts getting focused on that goal and nature gives us the goal Helps in reaching because it is now clear what we need. Gradually we start reaching the target and even if we fail, we are very close to the destination from where success is just a few steps away.

See, failing is not bad – it is not bad – do not make any effort, do not take any pledge for fear of not completing it, like – do not get into the water with the fear of getting wet but the pearl will bring out the same that will come in the water.
Therefore, once you also take a pledge and fulfill it with all your heart, then see that whatever work could not be done till now, will definitely be completed.
In a life with no goals, without determination and goal-setting, there will be a difference of ground-sky because now you are focused to get something.
It is always beneficial to have a resolution, you just have to complete it with utmost dedication, you will benefit more by doing prana than not prana, but your vow should always be beneficial for everyone.

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