Biography of Albert Einstein known in detail

Biography of Albert Einstein. Today we are going to talk about a great physicist who has completely changed the definition of the universe, a scientist who told us about gravity, how it works, its principles. Because of this, we can think and understand time travel, yes friends, we are talking about the great scientist Albert Einstein, who told us that if we walk at the speed of light, then what will be its answer in the world of science.

Many such theories have been told and many such tests have been done which have brought a new revolution in the world of science. Alwar time Albert Einstein is considered the hero of the 20th century and he is also considered to be the smartest person of all time. Nobel Prize was awarded, that is why today we are going to tell you about the world’s greatest scientist Albert Einstein with you-

Albert Einstein’s childhood and early education


(Biography of Albert Einstein)

He was born on 14 March 1879 in a Jewish family inside Germany, his father’s name was Hermann Einstein, and his mother’s name was Pauline Einstein. His father was an engineer and also a salesman who mainly supplied electrical equipment.

Only 2 years after Einstein’s birth, his sister was born whose name was Maja Einstein was very happy with the birth of his sister, Albert was quite different from the other children because his head was much bigger than the rest of the children and He also had trouble speaking.

It is often said that Albert Einstein did not say anything for 4 years, his parents were very upset about this, but one day while he was having food, Albert told his parents that the soup was very hot and His parents were overjoyed when they heard Einstein’s voice for the first time.

What is a discipline paragraph?

Since childhood, Albert Einstein liked to be alone and roam alone, he always used to think about nature, at the age of 5, Albert’s father gave him a compass as a birthday present, which Albert received.

He was very happy, but seeing that instrument, a question came to his mind again and again that why the needle of this compass always remains in the north direction, and from here begins his new life.

Albert did not like to go to school at all, he found a school like a prison dinner, Albert had also learned to play the violin and after that, he fell in love with music.

Albert did not like to go to school because being a Jew, children used to send him to school, Albert mainly read religious books and he also tried to understand religions, at the age of 16 Albert was with difficulty in mathematics. He used to solve difficult questions with great ease.

Within 1939, Albert Einstein had made a very important contribution to the creation of the atomic bomb and in 1945 his most famous equation E = mc square was invented, now we talk about Albert Einstein’s invention-

Einstein’s inventions (Biography of Albert Einstein)

1. Quantum Theory of Light –

Inside this theory, he had created such a bag of energy, inside it was a wave-like feature, which we also call the photon, inside it, he also explained the emission of electrons present inside metals, after that he invented television, which is a craft. represented by science.

2. E=mc square

Albert gave and proved an equation between energy and Brahman, which is also called nuclear energy today.

3. Albert’s Refrigerator –

This was Albert’s smallest invention, due to which he became very famous. This refrigerator can use more and more ammonia, water, butane, and maximum energy, and keep in mind its usefulness, this refrigerator can be used. The refrigerator was invented.

4. The sky is blue –

This was very simple proof that Albert Einstein had offered a variety of arguments on why the sky is blue.

Some interesting facts about Einstein –

Albert used to solve many experiments and questions without wearing paper.
Albert Einstein was very little talkative in childhood and weak in studies.
This is was awarded the Nobel Prize.
Einstein also got a chance for the presidency.
Albert Einstein failed the university entrance exam.
Albert Einstein’s mantra of success was “practice”

Albert Einstein’s Prize –

Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921
Copley Medal in 1925
Max Planck Medal 1938
Centenary Time Person Award 1999

Albert Einstein died on 18 April 1955

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