King Ram Mohan Roy Birth Anniversary

King Ram Mohan Roy Birth Anniversary


King Ram Mohan Roy was born on 22 May 1772 in Radhanagar village of Hooghly district in West Bengal. His early education took place in the village. His father Ramkant Rai was a Vaishnava. He was sent to Patna for higher education. Ram Mohan Roy, rich in sharp intellect, had learned Bangla, Parsi, Arabic and Sanskrit by the age of fifteen.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was against paganism and orthodox Hindu traditions. He was against all forms of social bigotry and superstition. But his father was an orthodox Hindu Brahmin. This led to differences between father and son and Raja Ram Mohan Roy left home. He made considerable trips before returning home. After his return, his family marries him with the hope that he will change. But it had no effect on them.

He moved to Varanasi and there he did a deep study of Vedas, Upanishads and Hindu philosophy. His father passed away in 1803 and he returned to Murshidabad.


Raja Ram Mohan started a job in the revenue department of Rai East India Company. He worked as an assistant to John Digby. There he came into contact with Western culture and literature. He studied Jainism from Jain scholars and studied Sufism with the help of Muslim scholars.

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Raja Ram Mohan Roy openly fought against the evils of society like sati, child marriage. He enacted the law against the practice of Sati with the help of Governor-General Lord William Bentinck. So He said that the practice of sati has no place in the Vedas. He turned around and made people aware of him. even so He tried tirelessly to change the way people think. He formed the Atmiya Sabha in 1814 and tried to initiate social and religious reforms in the society.

She campaigned for women’s rights to marry again, including property rights. He strongly opposed the practice of Sati and polygamy. In those days there was a lot of backwardness in the evils of the society and people looked towards their roots in the name of culture, while Raja Ram Mohan Roy was influenced by the progressive and modern ideas of Europe. He understood this pulse and tried to give new meaning to Vedanta by keeping the root in mind.

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Raja Ram Mohan Roy supported education, especially women-education. He emphasized the study of English, science, western medicine, and technology. because He believed that English education is better than the traditional education system. He founded a school based on English education in 1822.

In November 1830, Raja Ram Mohan Roy traveled to Britain. He died on 27 September 1833 in Stapleton, near Bristol. King Ram Mohan Roy, the great social reformer called the creator of modern India, did not just end the practice of Sati but also changed the way people think and understand.




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