Coronavirus Vaccination: Don’t do these 7 things before and after the corona vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccination

Coronavirus Vaccination: Don’t do these 7 things before and after the corona vaccine Coronavirus Vaccination –Soon the vaccination of those above 18 years will also start. There are some habits in the youth that they need to take care of during vaccination. These things can also become overwhelming if you are negligent. There are certain … Read more

world war : क्या हो सकता है तीसरा विश्व युद्ध? भविष्यवाणियां साल 2022

world war– रूस यूक्रेन के बीच जंग तेज हो गई है। world war रूस के हमले में यूक्रेन के कई लोगों की अब तक मौत हो चुकी है। यूक्रेन के राष्ट्रपति वलोडिमिर जेलेंस्की ने बताया है कि रूस के हमले में अब तक 137 लोगों की मौत हो चुकी है जबकि 316 लोग घायल हैं। … Read more

Durga Saptashati Third Chapter

Durga Durga Saptashati forthChapterSaptashati Third Chapter

                 Durga Saptashati Third Chapter (Slaughter of Mahishasura including generals) In the second chapter of Durga Saptasati, the goddess destroyed Mahishasura’s ally Datto and the army along with most of the Maharishi. Maharishi Medha said-Seeing that the military of Mahishasura was devastated, the administrator of that military went … Read more

Biography of Albert Einstein known in detail

Biography of Albert Einstein

Biography of Albert Einstein. Today we are going to talk about a great physicist who has completely changed the definition of the universe, a scientist who told us about gravity, how it works, its principles. Because of this, we can think and understand time travel, yes friends, we are talking about the great scientist Albert … Read more

How To Improve Self Confidence

How To Improve Self Confidence

Hello friends, do you also want to improve your Self Confidence? Do you also want that if your Confidence Level is high like other people, then you stay with us till the last? As you know that if we want to go ahead in life, then we need a lot of Self Confidence because whatever … Read more

Lightning :  What causes lightning, know in detail?


What causes lightning? Lightning is an electrical discharge caused by imbalances between storm clouds and the ground, or within the clouds themselves. … This heat causes surrounding air to rapidly expand and vibrate, which creates the pealing thunder we hear a short time after seeing a lightning flash. Lightning : FULL ARTICLE lightning, the visible discharge of electricity that occurs when a region of a cloud acquires an excess electrical charge, … Read more