5 Best FREE Photo Editing Apps for Android

5 Best FREE Photo Editing Apps for Android.

One of the most common uses of an Android smartphone or a tablet is clicking photos or pictures that can be shared with friends and family members. However, you can make your photos more exciting and attention-grabbing with just a few effects, frames as well as filters that are available in the apps which can be downloaded for free from the websites. The below is the list of free ten best photo editing apps for Android that will take your photography skill to the next level:

1. Adobe Photoshop Express


The first name in the list of best photo editing apps is Adobe Photoshop express. It is a free, very simple, and easy to use app. This app mainly includes one-touch filters, auto fix, colors change and some basic image editing options. The Google Play Store description of Adobe Photoshop Express says –

2.Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express a.k.a. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor is the best android photo editor that lets you to rapidly cropping of the photo, fixation of the picture, whiten teeth and eliminate red-eye. It also comprises of Photoshop special effects like the pencil, halftone, poster, watercolour, etc. The app description on Play Store says –

3. AirBrush 

AirBrush is another cool photo editing app on our list. It works great for the people who are selfie addict. As soon as you will be finished with your selfies, the app will let you quick fixes for face, blemish removing, reshaping, and a lot more.  With a 4.7 rating in the Play Store, the AirBrush photo editing app is quite easy to use without any previous experience of photography. This is what Air Brush has to say –

4. Cymera








This app is multi-purpose which is created to be used as a photo editor as well as a camera. It also provides an enormous range of exclusive filters, shooting types, face detection, and over eight hundred beautification options. Cymera says in its description –

5.Photo Editor Pro (5 Best FREE Photo Editing Apps for Android)








This best photo editing apps for android includes features like color splash, frames, filters, as well as the basic features like crop, colour balance, red-eye removal, etc. It also has various astonishing effects to enhance your photos like Avenue, Clyde, Haas, Sage, and much more. Here’s the Play Store description of the app-

These are the 5 Best FREE Photo Editing Apps for Android

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