5 expensive weapons that are worth their price tag in GTA Online

5 expensive weapons that are worth their price tag in GTA Online

Not everything that’s expensive in GTA Online is worth its price. However, these five weapons are arguably worth their price several times over, especially given how often GTA Online players will be using them in-game. Some expensive weapons, like the Widowmaker, aren’t worth the investment except for meme value.

This list will not include weaponized vehicles. As a result, there will be five expensive hand-held weapons in GTA Online players.

Five expensive hand-held weapons worth their value in GTA Online


1) Heavy Sniper Mk II

Any GTA Online player with good aim can attest to how worthwhile the Heavy Sniper MK II is. If a player has very good aim, then they can wipe the floor with any enemy in the game with just this weapon alone.

The Heavy Sniper Mk II is basically an improvement over the original Heavy Sniper, a weapon that’s already considered to be good. It costs $165,375, which is $127,225 more expensive than the original weapon, but it’s well worth the price.

This weapon even has explosive rounds, meaning that other players can’t hide in most vehicles. It also has Incendiary, Full Metal Jacket, and Armor Piercing rounds if that wasn’t enough. GTA Online players with bad aim won’t like this weapon much, but it’s unquestionably a weapon worth adding to one’s arsenal.

2) Homing Launcher

The Homing Launcher is an expensive weapon, given how early GTA Online players can get it. It’s obtainable at Rank 1 for $75,000, and it’s worth every single dollar. It’s useful in all stages of the game, regardless of one’s skill level in GTA Online.

As the name would imply, this weapon is capable of shooting rockets with a homing feature. This homing feature isn’t perfect in terms of accuracy, but it’s surprisingly good for how easy the weapon is to use. The only real drawback is how little ammo a player can carry as well as how slow it is.

Still, it’s useful in both PVP and PVE scenarios, so it would be hard to dissuade somebody from wanting to buy the Homing Launcher given how useful it is in GTA Online.

3) Special Carbine Mk II

GTA Online players love assault rifles. They’re powerful, shoot fast and are accurate, making them devastatingly versatile. The Special Carbine Mk II is the best general weapon a GTA Online player can use in most situations, as its overall stats is useful in most scenarios.

The Special Carbine Mk II only costs $135,000. It’s not as accurate or powerful as the Marksman Rifle Mk II is in a single shot, but it has a far more generous clip size coupled with a better rate of fire. This makes it preferable for lesser-skilled players who want a good weapon from the get-go, which would be the majority of the GTA Online playerbase.

It’s a solid weapon through and through, so it isn’t surprising that this weapon is often ranked as some GTA Online’s players’ favorite weapon.

4) Marksman Rifle Mk II (5 expensive weapons that are worth their price

Typically, Mk II variants tend to outclass their original counterpart. It’s no different in the case of the Marksman Rifle Mk II, even if it costs $149,000. Having slightly more damage than its original makes this weapon objectively better.

Unlike its counterpart, the Marksman Rifle Mk II also has access to the usual special rounds Mk II weapons tend to have. Incendiary, Armor Piercing, and Full Metal Jacket rounds do add a little bit of flavor to this gun, which is great for players who love them.

Overall, the Marksman Rifle Mk II excels as a long-range assault rifle with good accuracy, a good rate of fire and respectable DPS.

5) Combat Shotgun (5 expensive weapons that are worth their price)

Not everybody likes how the Combat Shotgun operates in GTA Online. It’s a semi-automatic weapon, meaning that players have to pull the trigger each time they want to shoot it. It’s easy to see why that would get annoying after a while, but it’s still worth its weapon.

Priced at $295,000, the Combat Shotgun is still a devastating weapon that performs better at longer ranges compared to most other shotguns. It’s a powerful weapon, but it’s not as must-have as the next four GTA Online weapons on this list.

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