5 GTA cameos fans

5 GTA cameos fans still remember


5 GTA cameos fans still remember

Characters appear in multiple games in the GTA series, often serving minor roles in the narrative.

GTA cameos tend to be rather small parts in the story. However, these roles are often recognizable for one reason or another. Whether it’s a tragic death scene or a callback to a previous game, GTA players don’t forget them quickly.

Players should note that characters only tend to make a physical cameo if they are within the same continuity. This means a 3D Universe character like Claude would not appear in an HD Universe game like GTA 4. Nonetheless, Rockstar Games is rather fond of bringing characters back into the fold.

5 memorable cameos in the GTA series

#1 – Lost MC (GTA 5)

The most controversial GTA cameo arguably involves the Lost MC. Johnny Klebitz only gets a few minutes of screentime before Trevor Philips abruptly kills him. The rest of the Lost MC follows right afterward. It was a shocking turn of events and a very bold move on Rockstar Games’ part.

Johnny’s unceremonious death has led to debate over whether it was an appropriate send-off. Nonetheless, it was a memorable way to introduce the psychotic monster that is Trevor. The players knew right away not to mess around with this deranged man.

#2 – International Affairs Agency (GTA 5)

The International Affairs Agency (IAA) had a prominent role in GTA 4. Soon after Niko Bellic dated Michelle (whose real name is Karen), he discovered that she is an undercover agent.

Along with the United Liberty Paper agent, Niko had to do some dirty work for the organization. Eventually, he parted ways with them.

By the next game, the IAA had made several cameos throughout, such as Monkey Business and The Wrap Up. They are rivals of the FIB, who interfere with their activities. Both the ULP agent and Karen can also be seen in GTA Online, where they play a small role in various heist missions.

Unfortunately, Even so GTA fans who already hate Karen will be given even more reasons to do so. In the previous game, it was easy to sympathize with her as she was a former criminal forced into this life. This time around, she is truly sadistic and revels in torture.

#3 – Patrick McReary (5 GTA cameos fans)

When GTA 5 players decided to help a couple of robbers in a random event, some of them had no idea it was Patrick McReary.

Patrick is among several GTA 4 characters to reappear in the game. He plays a minor but useful role as a potential crew member (as long as the player does not kill him).

During one of the many heists, if players choose Patrick as a gunman, he will tell stories about his Liberty City experiences. He will recount the infamous bank robbery from the Three Leaf Clover mission. Even an experienced professional like Michael had to admire these exploits.

#4 – Donald Love (GTA Vice City)

Donald Love has a relatively minor role in GTA Vice City. He barely gets any speaking lines before he is interrupted by his mentor Avery Carrington.

Despite his brief appearance, players who are familiar with Donald Love will notice a few things immediately.

During the Two Bit Hit mission, Avery discussed how gang warfare drives down property sales. He told Donald Love to write it all down as he explained the mission details to Tommy Vercetti.

The player had to start an all-out war by dressing up as a rival gang and attacking another. Avery wants to take advantage here.

Donald Love will take this advice to heart in GTA 3. During Waka-Gashira Wipeout!, Because he gives Claude a similar task: use a Colombian vehicle and kill a high-ranking Yakuza leader. So Donald even uses the same quote as Avery, almost word for word. The student definitely became the master.

#5 – Claude (GTA San Andreas)

Claude is one of the few GTA protagonists to appear outside of his game, at least in the 3D Universe.

Carl Johnson was once romantically linked to Catalina. GTA 3 fans already know that the relationship won’t end well, as Catalina was with Claude at the beginning of the game. As predicted, she eventually leaves CJ for Claude.

Along with his new girlfriend Catalina, Claude challenged CJ to a countryside street race. CJ ends up victorious and gains a garage deed in San Fierro. Claude presumably used to work there. 5 GTA cameos fans.)

So It’s pretty cool to see different GTA protagonists interact with each other, even on hostile terms.

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