5 most useful cheat codes in GTA 5

5 most useful cheat codes in GTA 5-GTA 5 boasts a number of incredibly useful cheat codes, each more popular than the other. Cheat codes can be activated by plugging in a secret password or pressing the buttons on the controller in a specific sequence.

Game developers design cheat codes to make virtually impossible things delightfully possible. Take the drunk mode, for instance. Who would have thought it was possible to play drunk maniacs who had no idea where they were headed or what they were up to?

This article looks at five of the most useful cheats featured in GTA 5.

Cheat codes that players frequently use in GTA 5


1) Lower Wanted Level

Lower Wanted Level allows players to evade the police and lower their wanted level, which tends to shoot up every time a code is breached.

Nobody likes having a bunch of angry cops on their tails. But, as it happens, GTA 5 doesn’t take kindly to random trouble makers. This incredible cheat allows players to engage in all sorts of vices without ever paying the price.

2) Bang Bang

This is another amazing cheat code that compliments the chaotic nature of GTA 5. As if the weapons featured in GTA 5 weren’t lethal enough, this cheat turns them into explosive disasters. Shooting a person is one thing, but shooting them with an explosive bullet is, well, savage. This is what GTA 5 was made for.

3) Slow Motion Aim

Because Killing may come naturally to expert players who have been playing for ages. But novice enthusiasts often have trouble taking a direct shot, escaping when the target is standing in a tricky position.

Slow Motion Aim allows players to take a clear shot and not waste any ammo. This is definitely one of the best GTA 5 cheat codes out there for beginners.

4) Explosive Melee attacks ( 5 most useful cheat codes )

Before this cheat code was introduced, players had little use for Melee weapons in GTA 5. There is only so much damage one could deal with a stone hatchet or a broken bottle. But Melee weapons that explode upon a collision? Well, now that is something players couldn’t simply pass upon.

So This cheat gave the old weapons something to boast about. Not a lot of virtual goons would have a chance against seemingly harmless weapons that literally explode on the enemy.

5) Spawn Buzzard

Buzzard is perhaps the most popular vehicle in GTA 5 and also the most important. While it’s definitely replaceable, many GTA 5 missions rely on this lightning-fast beast for speed and efficiency. Because The ability to spawn the Buzzard at any location by simply activating a cheat code is incredible.

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