5 noteworthy features about GTA Online’s upcoming update

5 noteworthy features about GTA Online’s upcoming update

The Los Santos Tuners update is going to be an amazing update for vehicle enthusiasts in GTA Online as several features are practically catered to them.

This is going to be the first major content update in 2021. Rockstar Games has already shared a good amount of details about what fans can expect, but they left enough ambiguity to keep everyone on their toes.

As the name might imply, Los Santos Tuners is a vehicle associated with the Los Santos underground tuner scene.

GTA Online players should expect all of these features to be related to vehicles in some way. There won’t be a grand heist or anything else of that nature here.

Five cool features to expect in GTA Online’s Los Santos Tuners update


#1 – New races

As Los Santos Tuners is all about automobiles, it’s only fair that one of the most anticipated features is going to be related to races. While the specific details aren’t yet known, GTA Online fans still have a good amount of information to think about and discuss.

The first thing worth noting is the Test Track, which sounds like a great feature for upcoming race enthusiasts to hone their skills. 30 players can use the Test Track, but there will be no physical contact, thus allowing them to practice driving without disturbance.

There will also be plenty of Street Races in the Street Race Series. Likewise, there will also be a Pursuit Series, which Rockstar Games describes as “a more open-ended experience.”

#2 – Prize Ride Challenges

Prizes are often a good incentive for GTA Online players. The Merch Shop and Tattoo Shop sound simple enough, but the Modding Area has a lot of potential as a reward. GTA Online players love their vehicles, so being able to customize them further sounds amazing.

Customization is the name of the game here and all three prizes are going to reward the player in just that. The specifics aren’t yet known, but Rockstar Games is likely going to make these three features worthwhile.

#3 – A reputation system

5 noteworthy features about GTA Online’s

Rockstar Games describes Reputation as a “valuable commodity.” Players can boost their Reputation by hanging out at the LS Car Meet, participating in races, using the Test Track, and daily login bonuses. It should also be noted that players earn more Reputation if they win in races.

Reputation isn’t a meaningless currency, either. There will be several rewards for GTA Online players including new gear, customization options, and Trade Prizes.

#4 – Plenty of new vehicles

The most obvious addition from the Los Santos Tuners update is the fact that nearly a dozen new vehicles will be added to GTA Online. Some vehicles will be brand new and make their debuts in the series, while others will return after a hiatus.

For example, the ZR350 and Euros are returning after only being present in GTA San Andreas beforehand. All of these vehicles look fantastic in GTA Online, and some of them are bound to make an impression on car aficionados. (5 noteworthy features about GTA Online’s)

#5 – Select vehicles will be upgradeable on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

5 noteworthy features about GTA Online’s

Rockstar Games clarifies near the end of their official news post that some vehicles will be upgradeable, but only on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions. One would assume PC will eventually get it in the future as well.

The only upgrade Rockstar references are speed improvements. They also stated that there will be more upgrades, but GTA Online fans should stay tuned for further details at a later date..

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