5 reasons to try out new races in GTA Online

5 reasons to try out new races in GTA Online

5 reasons to try out new races in GTA Online-Faces of races in GTA Online have a lot to look forward to.

Likewise, even GTA Online players who don’t race often can find the new Stunt Races quite enjoyable. Stunt Races have been a thing since 2016, but they still have a lot of potentials to grow further. As a result of this line of thinking, Rockstar Games will add some new Stunt Races for vehicle enthusiasts to enjoy.

Eight new Stunt Races is quite a nice change in pace. It’s unique content that GTA Online players can enjoy for quite a while, especially since many of the old fan-favorite Stunt Races will still be around if fans prefer those races over these. That said, these new races may attract new racers, especially since there are a plethora of reasons to consider participating in these Stunt Races.

Five reasons to give the new GTA Online races a try


1) Just for the $100K bonus

If GTA Online players absolutely abhor racing, then no reason will appeal to them as much as this one. It’s basically a free $100K bonus just for completing a single new Stunt Race.

Rockstar describes it as:

“Completing any new Stunt Race between now and June 2nd will net you a GTA$100,000 bonus and the Canis American Legend T-Shirt, both of which will be awarded within 72 hours after logging in on June 7th. And all Stunt Race competitors can expect a healthy payday in any new or classic Stunt Race — to the tune of 3X GTA$ and RP — all week long.”

2) It’s a competition between players

A lot of recent GTA Online updates tend to be geared more towards free mode or heists. The former is a mixed bag for this reason, whereas the latter involves cooperation with other players.

Both have their advantages, but it’s nice to be able to actively compete against other players without feeling like they are throwing.

Stunt Races involve a lot of skill, as typically, the best racer will win. One can’t really be “carried” to a victory in Stunt Races unless all of their opponents are terrible at the game. Even then, it’s an excellent way to prove to other players how good the game can race in GTA Online.

This reason isn’t as applicable to players who don’t care about competition. However, competitive people will love the competitive aspects of racing against real-life players (aka, not the usual mindless NPCs they see in GTA Online missions).

3) It’s more fun than missions and heists ( 5 reasons to try out new races )

5 reasons to try out new races

This reason is more subjective than others, but racing feels radically different from the usual GTA Online antics. This difference is more enjoyable for some fans, especially if they’re attached to the vehicles they’re racing with.

Buying a vehicle in GTA Online and then customizing it to one’s desires is a great feeling. Being able to use said vehicle in a race (and possibly win) is uplifting. In a way, it feels like a GTA Online player earned something, which is more than can be said for the usual missions in-game.

Plus, it’s nice not having to worry about random shootouts or enemies constantly getting in the player’s face. Plus, they can show off their expensive new rides in some of these new Stunt Races.

4) There are different categories for different vehicles ( 5 reasons to try out new races )

5 reasons to try out new races

Different races focus on different vehicles. If a new Stunt Race heavily features a motorcycle, it will be a race involving motorcycles and not other vehicle types.

Some players love vehicles of one class, but not so much of another type. In this instance, they’re bound to find at least one Stunt Race they’re going to love.

For example, “Sun, Sea, and Chicanes” is for classic sports cars, whereas “A Tight Spot” is for motorcycles. On a similar note, “Bridge Too Far” is for sports cars, “Cluster Struck” for muscle, and “Vicious Spiral” is for supercars.

That’s not all, either. There’s also “Canyon Fodder” for off-road vehicles, “Smoke Up Your Asphalt” for motorcycles, and “City Limits” for supercars. It’s a good variety of Stunt Races, so it’s bound to appeal to some racers in GTA Online.

5) It’s a nice change of pace from the usual GTA Online content ( 5 reasons to try out new races )

GTA Online has so many activities and features, but some players tend to gravitate toward a single one for the sake of efficiency. For example, grinding the Cayo Perico Heist is too efficient to ignore. It’s easy money for barely any effort, which in turn allows players to spend their newfound cash on whatever they want.

Fortunately, these new Stunt Races will have triple cash and RP bonuses for a while, which should incentivize some players to give it a go. This is nice if players just want to take a break from the usual grind, especially since Stunt Races are so different from the rest of GTA Online.

Players don’t have to do these Stunt Races that often. If anything, just doing one or two from time to time could break the tedious nature of GTA Online, which is greatly appreciated. Plus, a $100K bonus for completing one new Stunt Race is pretty neat.

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