5 things players should avoid doing in GTA 5 RP

5 things players should avoid doing in GTA 5 RP-While GTA 5 RP is fun, there are some things players shouldn’t do for one reason or another.

Some of these things are obvious, while other actions are less apparent. Either way, these things tend to ruin the experience and uniqueness of GTA 5 RP, especially at the expense of other players. Unsurprisingly, doing these very things tends to get the player banned, so choosing to avoid doing these five things is more than just common courtesy.

Of course, it’s still nice not to do these five things just for the sake of being a respectable player. A lot of what happens in GTA 5 RP is based on context, so these things may not always apply. Still, these five things can serve as standard guidelines of what not to do when playing on a GTA 5 RP server.

Five actions to avoid when playing GTA 5 RP


1) Cheating

Cheating, especially with the use of mods, is heavily frowned upon in most games. Unsurprisingly, many GTA 5 RP servers also despise modders. Sometimes, it’s justified when the mods and admins are power-hungry, but not all players will find it amusing.

Mods are a sensitive topic for some GTA 5 RP players, primarily since they can give a player significant advantages over their contemporaries. Likewise, bug abuse and cheating are also heavily frowned upon for similar reasons, especially since they can be easier to do in certain situations.

Unsurprisingly, many GTA 5 RP servers will kick and ban players for doing this. Compared to the other bannable offenses, this one is often seen as more egregious, especially since a cheater/modder could have more power than admins, disrupting the balance of power significantly.

2) Doing random deathmatches

While doing random deathmatches is fun in GTA Online, it’s usually frowned upon in some GTA 5 RP servers like NoPixel. Of course, this ties into the previous entry, as some servers are cool with it. However, most of the famous GTA 5 RP servers aren’t okay with it.

If a player kills another player, there should be a reason for doing so. Doing it repeatedly adds unnecessary chaos, especially when it involves unwilling participants (such as medics who have to keep going back to revive the players).

Some GTA 5 RP servers try to mimic real life, which predictably doesn’t include random deathmatches out in broad daylight all that often (especially not in California, which Los Santos is based on).

3) Assume all GTA 5 RP servers are the same

Many GTA 5 RP servers have different rules from one another. For example, some servers treat roleplaying as a minor feature, whereas other servers are incredibly strict with maintaining roleplaying guidelines. Therefore, it is incredibly crucial for GTA 5 RP players to read the rules for whatever server they wish to join.

GTA 5 RP servers also change over time, especially when its development team grows larger. As a result, players should always be willing to adapt to any new changes in the rules when that happens. Generally speaking, these rules are easy to follow, so it shouldn’t be an issue for most gamers.

That said, many GTA 5 RP servers share similarities, but it is still better to be safe than sorry.

4) Metagaming

What the player knows and what their character knows are two completely different things. Not everybody is a proficient roleplayer, but it’s one of the most common mistakes GTA 5 RP players make. Metagaming, in a nutshell, is when players apply real-life knowledge to their characters when it makes no sense for it to happen.

For example, if a GTA 5 RP gamer is shot and incapacitated, there is no logical way to communicate with somebody across the map to let them know where their enemies might be. It ruins the experience for everybody involved, especially since it defeats the purpose of roleplaying in the first place.

Unsurprisingly, many GTA 5 RP players have been banned for metagaming. Most players tend to metagame at some point, but it’s best to avoid doing so as it can make GTA 5 RP not fun for all involved. ( 5 things players should avoid )

5) Harass other players

GTA 5 RP is insanely popular to stream on Twitch, which means an abundance of well-known streamers everywhere. Likewise, there is a ton of small-name streamers also trying to make it big on the platform. Either way, harassing streamers in GTA 5 RP is just a big no-no.

Generally speaking, GTA 5 RP players shouldn’t go out of their way to harass any player if it doesn’t make sense for the story’s context. However, a streamer’s notoriety often makes them a popular target for players, especially if they wish to “stream snipe” and be seen on their streams.

This is especially true if they’re doing it for their favorite streamer (such as attacking somebody they argued with). ( 5 things players should avoid )

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