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The best 6 games like Dota for android originally came out as a mod for Warcraft 3. The swift popularity and worldwide acclaim of DOTA triggered the race of full MOBA game releases similar to DOTA. That resulted in more reliable and promising MOBA titles and that’s when the groundbreaking DOTA 2 released. DOTA is primarily a mod that adds innovation and plenty of room for the gameplay. DOTA focuses on a three-lane map and allows each team to build a Base. The ultimate goal of this mod is to send minions to destroy enemy bases. Players can control various hero characters and use different skills to achieve the goals. With exceptional gameplay, enhanced mechanics, and addictive gameplay, DOTA is one of the most engaging MOBA experiences ever. If you are in search of some fantastic games like Dota for android, do have a look at the list below.

games like dota for android

The following list tends to provide you with some of the best games like Dota for android. Hopefully, they’ll be a rewarding addition to your DOTA alternatives collection and will be entertaining as well.

1. League of Legends (games like dota for android)

League of Legends is one of the most promising and rewarding titles of MOBA genre. The game released back in 2009 and it’s still growing every day. It offers the most authentic DOTA experience and adds uploads of innovative features to the genre. With a player-friendly nature, Unique Skills and modern mechanics, League of Legends is one of the best games like DOTA for android to play. The game is a huge success because of the versatility and freedom it offers. It allows the players to compete against each other in professional competitions worldwide and win amazing prizes.

League of Legends focuses on team-based Multiplayer Online Battle Arena matches. It lets the players select anyone of the 110 Champion characters laced up with unique skills and playstyles. The main game mode can be played as any other MOBA game. The players are to follow a map named as Summoner’s Rift, follow any standard lane on the map and destroy the enemy base. Defending their own Base and neutralizing the enemy forces is among the secondary objectives of the game. The innovative part of the game is the inclusion of more gaming modes in the play. It includes Co-Op vs. AI, Champion and 1 on 1 mode and offers different maps for them. League of Legends is one of the best games like DOTA to play and enjoy.

2. Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm is one incredible MOBA video game you can play instead of DOTA. This classic game is the best example of Team-based Battle arena gameplay ever presented in a game. The game remained in Beta phase for a good amount of time that helped mature the content. It offers a free to play access to the content and offers a variety of innovations to the genre. Heroes of the Storm primarily focus on PvP (5v5) matches. Players are allowed to control various hero characters from Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft universe. It offers more maps than any of the Blizzard’s MOBA video games and features a three-lane layout.

Heroes of the Storm offers more objectives as well instead of just destroying the enemy’s bases. For example, the players are required to collect various types of objects while following the lanes on maps. This feature adds up a bit more spice to the game and makes it fun at the same time. However, it lacks any individual levels within the game. It rather focuses on a team-based play in which every character can have their particular abilities and act differently. With a variety and plenty of room for every character, Heroes of the Storm is one authentic MOBA game to play.

3. Awesomenauts

Awesomenauts is a brilliant combination of 2D graphics and MOBA aesthetics. The game is developed by Ronimo and offers playability on multiple platforms such as PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The game is set in distant future and allows to players to control various characters of Mercenaries. In a never ending Battle between the futuristic forces, Awesomenauts focuses on PvP (3v3) matches. It offers a Side-scrolling perspectives and features easy controls for an easy yet engaging gameplay. Maybe that’s why it’s suitable for all the Console players and it offers a good amount of entertainment.

Every character in Awsomenauts is unique in so many different ways. Their skills, abilities, and playstyles are unique and different from each other but are equally effective and damaging for enemies. Furthermore, the characters can be upgraded to higher levels with the help of skill updates available at the in-game shop. Some of the coolest new features of Awesomenauts are the Online and Offline Split-Screen, Controller Support for PC, Mac and Consoles, and regular content updates. With a marvelous game setting, clean 2D visuals, and an addictive gameplay, Awesomenauts is no doubt one of the best games like DOTA to play and enjoy.

4. Heroes of Newerth

games like dota for android

Another big name of MOBA genre is the popular Heroes of Newerth. Developed and distributed by S2 Media, Heroes of Newerth offers free-to-play access to game’s content. Like most of the MOBA games, Heroes of Newerth offers content updates including, new characters, environments, maps and skills. Heroes of Newerth offers a gameplay heavily influenced by the popular DOTA series games. The gameplay follows all the standard MOBA principles. For example, it allows the players to select any hero characters from hundreds of unique classes. They can also select various skills and abilities and go against the enemies in a 5v5 battle environment.

The only objective of the game is to march towards the enemy base and destroy it while defending their own. With the Standard MOBA aesthetics, Heroes of Newerth offers various other game modes as well. These modes include HON Learnatorium, Custom and Casual games modes, etc. With a worldwide community, easy gameplay and addictive nature, Heroes of Newerth is one of the best games like DOTA. Do give it a try.

5. Smite

games like dota for android

Smite is probably one of the first games that introduced Third-person Perspective into the MOBA genre. Instead of the Isometric view, it offers a clean TPS gameplay that gives the true feel of innovation. This brilliant combination of 3D visuals and MOBA elements is totally free to play on Microsoft Windows. The game allows the players to control a single Hero character and complete the objective of destroying the enemy base. The secondary objective of the game is to repel any enemy intrusions and killing them for a score. From minions to lane-based maps, PvP(5v5) combats to encounters with gigantic enemy bosses, Smite is all about MOBA rich experience.

It’s basically based on Mythologies from Greek, Roman, Chinese, and Norse origins. It offers characters and environments from these eras and allows the players to enjoy the evolutions of different civilizations. Each of the characters holds four skills that can be used against the enemies. More skills and abilities can be achieved as rewards or can be bought from the in-game store. It offers various game modes including Novice, Jousting, and Random mode. There are gems in the game scattered all around the map lanes that the players can collect. These gems are then used as game currency and they help buy upgrades. With a brilliant setting, freedom, and enhanced mechanics, Smite tops the ranks of best games like DOTA.

6. Magicka: Wizard Wars (games like dota for android)

games like dota for android

Magicka: Wizard Wars is another big name in the world of MOBA video games. This remarkable game is the first inclusion to the series of Magicka that ported to PvP (Player vs. Player) module. This innovation in the series makes MOBA represented in this game a bit more dynamic, intense and promising. Almost everything in the game is balanced. For example, there are no overpowered characters in the game. Replay value is higher than any other MOBA game and skills are equally distributed among the characters. Wizard Wars includes two main modes, PvP (4v4) and Training grounds.

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Both of these modes help players learn and master about every aspect of the game and are based on small maps. Every character of the game has equal access to all of the skills and elements to build the skills. This feature helps players combine the element they want and cast powerful spells to wet, freeze, or burn the enemies. The combat in the game focuses on Melee aspects and the game offers various weapons for the players to use.  With a fast-paced gameplay, beautiful visuals, and a strong narrative, Magicka: Wizard Wars is a fun MOBA game to play.

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