Chrono vs Jota: Which Free Fire character is better for Factory Challenge after recent update?

Chrono vs Jota: Which Free Fire character is better for Factory Challenge after a recent update?

The Free Fire OB28 update was released earlier this month. The game received an array of new features with the update, including buffs for characters like Laura, Paloma, and Clu.

The Factory Challenge remains one of the most popular custom room challenges in the game even after the update. In this challenge, two players have to engage in a 1v1 battle on a rooftop using only their fists or melee weapons. The last man standing wins the match.

This article compares the abilities of two popular Free Fire characters, Chrono and Jota, to determine who is the better pick for the Factory Challenge.

Analyzing the abilities of Chrono and Jota in Garena Free Fire



Chrono vs Jota

Ability: Time Turner

Skill type: Active (Chrono vs Jota)

Chrono’s active ability, Time Turner, creates a force field that can block 600 damage from opponents at the base level. The character can shoot at his opponents while inside the force field. His movement speed is also boosted by 5%. The effects last for 3 seconds with a 200-second cooldown.

At its highest level, Time Turner improves movement speed by 15%. All the effects last for eight seconds, with a cooldown time of 170 seconds.



Chrono vs Jota

Ability: Sustained Raids

Skill type: Passive (Chrono vs Jota)

At the default level, Jota’s ability, called Sustained Raids, automatically restores 25 HP after each kill with an SMG or a Shotgun. This ability has a five-second cooldown time.

At its highest level, Sustained Raids recovers 40 HP after each kill with an SMG or a Shotgun.

Verdict: Who is better?

While Jota’s ability can restore a player’s HP after every kill with an SMG or a Shotgun, it is ineffectual in the Factory Challenge, which only permits the use of fists or melee weapons.

Even though Chrono’s ability has a long cooldown time, he is the best choice for the Factory Challenge between the two characters. His ability will boost the player’s movement speed and provide them with a defensive shield during combat.

Note: The fights in the Factory Challenge are usually 1v1, and the weapons used are melee and fists. This article compares the two characters based on these criteria.

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