Five reasons why Lamar should have his own single-player campaign in a GTA 5 Expansion

Five reasons why Lamar should have his own single-player campaign in a GTA 5 Expansion-If Rockstar Games decided to release a single-player expansion pack for GTA 5, Lamar Davis would be an excellent choice for a playable character.

Of course, it’s doubtful it will ever happen, given the publisher’s reliance on GTA Online. However, many GTA 5 players want to expand on the previous storylines.

Lamar is a popular choice to provide that perspective. A close friend of Franklin, he stole every scene with funny one-liners and memetic moments.

A GTA 5 campaign with Lamar would give players a brand new experience. Although Franklin wants to rise above his station, Lamar is perfectly content with his lowly criminal status. However, there are plenty of opportunities a single-player mode could provide with his characterization.

Five reasons why Lamar should have a GTA Expansion


1) Lamar has the potential to grow as a character

own single-player campaign in a GTA

While Lamar is primarily a comic relief character, there are layers of deep-seated resentment with himself. At one point, he truly believed Franklin would leave him behind in the hood as everybody else did in the past. Lamar is reckless for a reason. He thinks it’s the way of the world. He cannot bring change to himself.

A new Grand Theft Auto storyline with Lamar could allow his character to further develop in a new direction. A potential love interest could remind him he has more to lose than just himself. He values loyalty above his own life, but it means nothing if he ends up a memorial on the sidewalk.

2) Lamar can expand the CGF storyline.

What makes San Andreas a fun experience is the memorable characters. Big Smoke, Ryder, and CJ all have larger-than-life personalities. However, the CGF storyline is slightly underdeveloped in GTA 5, given the lack of prominent characters. Lamar can provide more meat to the bones with his campaign.

Admittedly, San Andreas does lack characterization for rival gangs like the Ballas and Vagos. A new single-player campaign could rectify this issue with a new cast of characters on both sides.

Missions like Hood Safari would pack a more powerful punch with a well-developed crew. It gives players a reason to care.

3) Lamar brings a different perspective

own single-player campaign in a GTA

As previously mentioned, Lamar and Franklin rarely see eye-to-eye about their roles in life. While the latter wants to get away from it all, Lamar fully embraces the gangster lifestyle. He doesn’t know anything else, nor does he want to. Lamar is to Franklin what Sweet is to CJ, a constant reminder of the character’s past.

The single-player experience with Lamar should focus on gang warfare, similar to San Andreas. The ability to recruit CGF allies would prove helpful during combat situations. Loyalty is everything to Lamar, so he should expect the same from members of his gang. He lives for the hood and the homies.

Players might ask themselves what happens if Lamar reaches the top of the mountain. He only sees everything at street level, but that might change if he climbs the criminal ladder.

While he’s not known for his rational decision-making, Lamar has to learn how to plan in the long term.

4) Lamar can use Chop for certain missions ( own single-player campaign in a GTA )

Chop certainly proves a dog is a man’s best friend. The large Rottweiler helps Franklin and Lamar in a few missions, where he uses his sense of smell to locate enemies. While Chop is a rather underused mechanic in GTA 5, Lamar could theoretically put him to good use in a single-player campaign.

There are plenty of examples where Chop can provide helpful backup. This includes Lamar chasing down a Ballas member on the street or scouting the nearby areas for essential clues. Chop can be a nice change of pace during storyline missions.

5) Lamar provides comic relief ( own single-player campaign in a GTA )

There is a fine line between comedy and tragedy, and Lamar walks the tightrope. With an excellent vocal delivery from Slink Johnson, Lamar provided laughter throughout his screentime. One of the most unforgettable scenes in GTA 5 is when Lamar roasts Franklin on his front porch.

A single-player mode with Lamar would put his comedic timing to good use. The CGF member always gives his opinion on any given situation, even if nobody else wants to hear it. Lamar brings levity to the violent streets of Los Santos.

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