GTA 5 streamer Caylus becomes the Human

GTA 5 streamer Caylus becomes the Human Torch by using mods

Caylus is a popular GTA 5 streamer who has close to six million subscribers and has amassed millions of views. He recently turned himself into a very recognizable character from a famous Marvel troupe of heroes – the Human Torch from Fantastic 4.

GTA 5 streamers have created many new worlds of their own by using GTA5 single-player mods on the PC, and fans of the game continue to enjoy their antics.

This article will look at what Caylus got up to as the Human Torch in GTA 5 after installing a new mod.

GTA 5 streamer Caylus messes around as the Human Torch


The first few minutes of this video are really enjoyable as Caylus freaks out with excitement after becoming like a real superhero in GTA 5. Though he does not really act much like a hero when it becomes clear he just wants to mess around… exactly what anyone would do when becoming a human torch!

GTA 5 streamer Caylus

Caylus proceeds to see what he can set on fire in GTA 5, starting with a truck and some trees. He then spawns on to a motorbike and rides down the street with his bike on fire too. For some, these scenes will be reminiscent of the Ghost Rider mod for GTA 5.

Mods like these really allow GTA players to stay on their toes, by giving them entirely new concepts with which to shape their gameplay.

A couple of minutes into his playthrough, Caylus notices that, unsurprisingly, the NPCs are scared of him because he’s on fire. Next, his facial expression says it all when he realizes that he has a new weapon – fire balls. He continues his Human Torch rampage around the map, firing these explosive shots from every weapon, including his fists.

Then something spectacular happens; Caylus takes off into the sky in flight, not like a smooth superhero but more like a flailing ragdoll. It’s funny to watch, and fans are sure to watch it more than once.

The rest of the video shows Caylus flying around trying to set various other things on fire, including a blimp. He discovers he has super speed and jump powers before walking into the sea and extinguishing himself. He manages to draw in the sand with explosions before his game crashes for some reason.

When the game starts again, Caylus spawns a Franklin and continues his manic fire spree around Los Santos. His last action to satisfy everyone’s curiosity is flying a plane and discovering that like all other vehicles he uses. it is on fire but doesn’t explode.

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