How to get free bundles

How to get free bundles in Free Fire

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How to get free bundles in Free Fire

With regards to cosmetics, the developers of Free Fire rarely disappoint players as they offer a plethora of skins, bundles, and other in-game items.

Even though bundles don’t affect gameplay, they are still visually appealing and enticing. Typically, they can be purchased from the store or obtained via events that often require diamonds.

Some users do not have the opportunity to pay for in-game currency, and therefore they look for free ways to obtain it. This article dives into some of the ways to get bundles in Garena Free Fire at no cost.

Obtaining free bundles in Free Fire

#1 Gold Royale

Gold Royale features one bundle reward as the grand prize. Developers regularly switch the bundles, with the current Spa Vacation Bundle only being available for the next four days, after which it will be swapped.

Players get a spin every 24 hours. Hence, they have a chance at obtaining the bundle for free. Also, if they are part of the guild, they will receive a 3x Gold Royale voucher once a week.

#2 Rank Token Redemption

Players earn Rank Tokens as rank-up rewards in both clash squad and battle royale mode. Moreover, these can also be collected by playing ranked battle royale matches.

Once users have collected sufficient amounts of tokens, numerous rewards, including bundles, can be redeemed. The two bundles that are currently available are Fatal Glare and Deadly Glare.

#3 Events

How to get free bundles

Events are a great source of availing cosmetics. The developers regularly add new ones that provide various items, including gun skins. They are often regarded as the best ways to get free rewards. For instance, users can at present use the FFWS Yellow Pass to get the exclusive FFWS outfit.

Also, some events have the first try or spin available for free. Users can try their luck at obtaining exclusive rewards.

#4 Free diamonds


There are numerous ways to get free diamonds that users can later use to purchase any item of their preference. A few of them have been listed below:

Booyah contests

Booyah is a dedicated streaming app developed by Garena. The application hosts numerous events and contests. Players can participate to get a shot at obtaining the in-game currency.

Google Opinion Rewards

Users can use third-party applications like Google Opinion Rewards to get free diamonds. It is a reward-based application where players have to answer simple studies to earn Google Play Balance directly used to purchase Free Fire diamonds.

Note: Players are recommended to always go through the Terms and Policies of any third-party application before using them.

#5 FF Tokens redemption

How to get free bundles

Players obtain these tokens as rewards by making a specific number of spins in Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale, and Gold Royale. These tokens are used to claim cosmetic items from Store>Redeem>FF Token.

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