How to pre-register for Free Fire Max in specific regions

How to pre-register for Free Fire Max in specific regions

Garena has developed an enhanced variant of Free Fire to deliver a premium experience to users. Free Fire Max is under the beta testing phase and is only available in selected regions, including Malaysia, Bolivia, and Vietnam.

The game offers better graphics, enhanced map quality, and improved animation, which will elevate the overall player experience. The unique aspect of the game is that players can enjoy it with their existing Free Fire ID. Moreover, their progress will be maintained across the applications in real-time.

Free Fire Max pre-registration: All you need to know

How to pre-register for Free Fire Max – Free Fire Max’s Middle East pre-registrations have just begun. Here is an overview of the pre-registration process:

Step 1: Players must first open the Garena Free Fire ID and open the event section by pressing the ‘calendar’ section.


Step 2: Under the ‘Events’ tab and select the ‘FFMAX’ section. Select ‘Click Here.’

Step 3: Users will be redirected to the game’s pre-registration page. Next, they must press the ‘Pre-register now’ button.

Step 4: A dialog box appears, fill in the particulars, i.e., the email ID, and select the preferred platform. Click on the confirm button.

Step 5: Tap on the ‘Go to Google Play’ button and then on the pre-register button.

There are several pre-registration milestones that Garena has set, each yielding rewards for the players making it a win-win situation as three milestones have already been crossed.

100000 users – 5x Pet Food
250000 users – 5x Gold Royale Vouchers
500000 users – Max Skyracer
1000000 users – 3x Diamond Royale Vouchers
2000000 users – Max Raychaser (Bundle)

Besides this, there are exciting rewards for users that they can earn by inviting their friends to pre-register. Here is the list of items:

1 user – 500x Universal Fragment
2 users – Map Zapping Loot Box
3 users – 3x Weapon Royale Vouchers
4 users – 3x Diamond Royale Vouchers
5 users – 2x Incubator Vouchers
Users that finish in the top 10 inviters will also get Max Raycatcher (Bundle).

Players will obtain all these rewards after June 9th, 2021, from the Free Fire Max Rewards Redemption Page.

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