most profitable businesses in GTA Online

5 most profitable businesses in GTA Online -Financial freedom cannot be taken with a grain of salt in the sprawling world of GTA Online.

The virtual universe features a plethora of things for GTA Online players to treat themselves with: customizable vehicles, flying bikes, flashy suits, devastating weapons, and more. There’s a catch; everything in GTA online tends to cost an arm and a leg. This is why having a side hustle or multiple streams of income is crucial in the game.

5 most profitable businesses in GTA Online

#1 – The Cocaine Locker

For a business that runs in the background, the Cocaine Locker is insanely lucrative. Players can make $30,000 per hour doing next to nothing. After upgrades, which cost $1,300,000, players can make a hefty profit of $74,000 per hour.

The cheapest Cocaine Locker requires a hefty investment of $975,000 in GTA Online.

#2 TheNightclub

The Nightclub is one of the most complex businesses featured in GTA Online. Players should only consider investing in a nightclub once they own all other side-hustles in the game, as the operation of a nightclub depends heavily on other businesses.

While the initial investment cost of the Nightclub is not exactly cheap, players can easily make a massive return on investment with the Nightclub within a few days. The Nightclub can make around $40,000 per hour in the background. It’s a reward that no one, especially in a game as complicated as GTA Online, would want to miss out on.

#3 – The Vehicle warehouse

Import/export businesses are the most lucrative side hustles in the game. Although they cannot be categorized as passive modes of income, the return on investment is often incomparably rewarding.

Players can make $80,000 every 20 minutes by selling high-end luxury vehicles to high-paying Commission officers.

#4 – The Bunker

The Bunker is the epitome of the “turn your passion into your profession” philosophy. Not only is the Bunker extremely rewarding in GTA Online, but the missions featured for this business are great fun to grind out.

Not only can players make $79,000 per hour with the Bunker, but they can also take part in one of the most thrilling sell missions featured in GTA Online.

#5- Retro Arcade Property

A retro arcade property serves as a front for planning the infamous Diamond Casino Heist and running illegal operations in the game.

It also features a number of games GTA Online players can purchase and enjoy, like the Badlands Revenge II and the Race and Chase: Street Legal. This allows players to make some extra bucks off the machines while having a blast with fellow enthusiasts.

The Diamond Casino Heist, on the other hand, can net the player at least a million dollars within 90 minutes.

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