‘Project CARS 2’ Has Near 200 Cars From 38 Manufacturers, Experience No less Than A Real Race

‘Project CARS 2’ Has Near 200 Cars From 38 Manufacturers, Experience No less Than A Real Race

Project CARS 2’ is an upcoming highly anticipated video game that the gamers have been waiting for a long period. One of the main reasons why fans are crazy for it because of the superior level of racing scenes that was previously promised by the publisher, Bandai Namco Entertainment.

‘Project CARS 2’ is expected to be released in this month. The first game of the franchise came out in 2015 and within a span of just two years, the game dominated the racing video game market fantastically. The upcoming sequel targets to topple its competing games like the latest sequels of ‘Forza Motorsport’ and ‘Gran Turismo’ and vie for the throne.

According to Finder.com.au, ‘Project CARS 2’ will look very attractive and the players will be able to handle it immaculately without any difficulty. The presentation of dynamic weather, track surface conditions, unique customization options etc. make sure that the gamers can modify their experience levels. And the developers assure that these experiences will be no less than a real racing driver. The best part of it is that the cars’ roster and track library are enormous and hence a plenty of options will be provided to the gamers.

The game was officially announced on February 8, 2017. After the declaration of the sequel, Slightly Mad Studios disclosed that the game was going to compose of 182 cars from 38 manufacturers. The upcoming motorsport racing simulator (video) game supports virtual reality (VR) up to 12K resolution added with triple screen support.

On the other hand, Andy Tudor, the creative director was asked whether the game would arrive for Nintendo Switch. Tudor answered that although he is a fan of Nintendo platforms, he and his team members presently have no plans to release the much-awaited game for Nintendo Switch. Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be only platforms during the release time.