Top 3 ways to get free legendary emotes in Free Fire

Top 3 ways to get free legendary emotes in Free Fire this month


Top 3 ways to get free legendary emotes in Free Fire this month.

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In addition to hosting regular, intense battle royale matches, Free Fire also incorporates fun elements like emotes that release match tensions. Emotes have always been one of the most entertaining communication mediums for players.

However, these emotes are also divided into various categories, just like weapon skins and outfits. Legendary emotes are rare to find and are usually displayed by a yellow-colored backdrop in Free Fire’s ‘Emotes’ segment.

Legendary emotes are not easy to get, and sometimes players have to spend a lot of money to get hold of one. This article shares some of the best ways players can acquire free legendary emotes in Free Fire in July 2021.

Currently, there are over 60 of emotes, out of which only 17 can be purchased from the store

How can I get free emotes in free fire?

Best ways to get free legendary emotes in Free Fire

1- Redeem codes


Top 3 ways to get free legendary emotes in Free Fire

Redeem codes are perhaps the most popular method of obtaining free items in Free Fire. When Garena announces any giveaways or hosts special occasions, they release several redeem codes for players on their official website. Other than that, players can also find these redeem codes from various websites.

The redeem code is an alphanumeric code made up of 12 characters and can be used on the official Rewards Redemption Site of Garena.

2 – Top Up events

One of the best ways to get legendary emotes for free is via the Top Up events that Garena hosts every month. Players can buy or top up diamonds from the ‘Store’ section and then claim the legendary emote as a free prize.

Players can expect legendary emotes in top-up events like the Grafitti Top Up event, launched a year ago. Players could claim the “Eat my Dust” emote for free if they topped up 500 diamonds during the event.

3-Elite Pass rewards

Players can also expect legendary emote as a tier reward in Season 38’s Elite Pass in Free Fire. Players can complete mission sets to progress to the reward tier, where the legendary emote will be present.

So this is the way to Top 3 ways to get free legendary emotes in Free Fire

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