Top 5 legendary Free Fire emotes as of August 2021

Top 5 legendary Free Fire emotes as of August 2021

Garena Free Fire has a casual, laid-back setting that makes it a popular shooter game. Players can get characters, customize their outfits, get pets, gun skins, gloo wall skins and emotes.

Emotes add fun to the in-game character. Players can get some basic emotes or show off the legendary ones that have extra animations.

Five most sought after legendary emotes in Free Fire as of 2021


1) FFWC Throne

2) Flowers of Love

3) Top DJ (Top 5 legendary Free Fire emotes)

Top 5 legendary Free Fire emotes

The Top DJ emote is inspired by DJ Alok and is usually a part of the DJ Alok bundle. Players can also get the emote separately. Upon hitting the emote button, a hovering DJ console appears. The in-game character then becomes a DJ and dances around a little.

4) Doggie

Top 5 legendary Free Fire emotes

The adorable dog is one of the reasons why the Doggie emote is highly sought-after. Tapping the emote button summons an adorable dog that dances with the player’s character. Interestingly, during the Emote Party event, the Doggie emote was one of the assured prizes in the Super Draw.

5) Tea Time (Top 5 legendary Free Fire emotes)

Top 5 legendary Free Fire emotes

Tea Time was launched as a mega prize during the Dual Spin event. The animation of the emote is quite fascinating. The emote button summons a light blue table and chair. The in-game character then proceeds to sip tea on the table. The tea does not make any difference to the HP of the character.

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